PCG in my Games

Hello everybody,
Long time with no posts or updates here. It seems like desert, sorry for that but I am sure people who follow me on twitter knows I was busy with my Master’s Thesis in Procedural Content Generation (PCG). I have always used PCG in my games as an excuse for being lazy and not designing levels (as I am not amazing level designer). In this post I will wrap up quickly some of the PCGs I used in my games. In the next post will talk about PCG in my Master’s Thesis.

As most of people noticed lots of my arcade games used PCG especially top down shooters (Clean’Em Up and Alone in the Park). All these games don’t have levels designed in advance, but instead they have enemy numbers and types to be generated. The system afterwards choose the most suitable location (away from the player position) and insert them. Pace Maker was a little different where the system generates the types and numbers based on the level of difficulty so as difficulty increase the number of enemies and variety of types increased.

Match a Number used PCG technique to generate the map. The idea is super easy

  • Insert random tiles (numbers and types) over the whole grid
  • Choose the solution length based on the player score (define the difficulty).
  • Generate a random path of the specified length without any loops.
  • Calculate the value of this path and consider it as player target

For the puzzle mode instead of generating paths, the whole playground is divided into sets according to the number of sets required at the beginning and then calculate the value of each set separately.

Atomic+ bullet pattern was generated based on a certain equation of difficult. The bullet generator is divided into the following features and by combining these features we can get a new shooter

  • Bullet Path (bp): how the bullet moves in the game (straight line, sin wave, spring, and circular path).
  • Number of Spawner (ns): how many places bullets should fire from the center (1, 2, 3, and 4).
  • Rate of Spawning (rs): how many milliseconds does the spawner need to spawn a bullet (800, 750, 700, 650, and 600).
  • Number of Burst bullets (nbb): how many bullets should the spawner generate at everyshot (1, 2, and 3).
  • Number of Bullets (nb): how many bullets the spwaner should shoot after each other (1, 2, and 3).
  • Spawner movement (sm): how the spawner update its position (no movement, circular movement, and ping pong circular movement)

Each of values for each feature has a specific difficulty score. This score is inserted in a difficulty equation and if the output difficulty is near the target difficulty then this generator is used else repick another random generator. The difficult equation is:

difficulty = sm * rs * bp * ns * nbb * nb

Last game I am going to talk about is DivCircle. The music and the rotation are both chosen by the computer. For the game music. The music is divided into several tracks overlayed over each other as the rotation speed increased each layer of the music got activated and as the rotation speed decrease the layers gets lower. Also as the player approach more towards the death, all layers volume decreased while sounds of talking people increases. That’s everything with the music and Ben Burnes did an amazing job in helping me to reach that. About the rotations, I divided the game into 14 sequence each one with its own difficulty score. These sequences are:

  • Speed Up
  • Speed Up Fast
  • Slow Down
  • Slow Down Fast
  • Reverse
  • Speed Reverse
  • Slow Reverse
  • Reverse, Reverse
  • Speed Up Fast, Speed Up Fast, Slow Down Fast
  • Slow Down Fast, Speed Up Fast
  • Speed Reverse, Slow Down Fast, Speed Reverse
  • Reverse, Speed Up Fast, Reverse, Slow Down, Reverse
  • Speed Up Fast, Speed Up Fast, Reverse
  • Speed Reverse, Slow Reverse, Speed Reverse

All actions are stored in a queue and every amount of time an action is activated and new action sequence is inserted in the list based on the current player score and current rotation speed and how old is the reverse. The amount of time for inserting and applying new action is decreased as the score increase.

This is everything for now, Hope its a little bit entertainment and useful. Stay tuned for the next post which is gonna be about General Level Generation for Puzzle Script (which is a part of my Master’s Thesis).

Bye Bye for now


Pace Maker FP Distribution :)

Dear All,
This gonna be short post as I am busy but I have started distributing my game Pace Maker FP all around the world and I started with my favourite famous three sites

1- Kongregate
2- Newgrounds
3- GameJolt

I had to go now

Bye Bye


Pace Maker FP Release

Hey all,
This is just a simple short post telling that Pace Maker FP can be played now at TwoTowerGames.com. You should go and try it with its new features over old version 🙂

Something quick I have made (some pixel art) and tell me ur opinion 🙂

Enjoy 🙂 and Talk here later

Bye Bye


Huge Chunk of News

Hi All,

I am totally sorry for long not updating the Blog but I was so busy and I had lots of work and exams till now I am too busy but I managed to sneak with some little time to write a large and nice blog 🙂

First news if anyone noticed that PaceMaker FP changed from InDev to Complete Games and now waiting for Sponsorshipping.

Since I have evolved in the community of FGL to Level2 so they gave me 5 First Impression to use I was pretty confident from my game from developper feedback (take a look) here are some of the feedback:

“Awesome game!

One thing I would suggest, is that you make it clearer that the Asynchronous Virus is the easier one to start with (in my opinion at least). I was a bit consfused about the difference between the two at first.

Also, you might want to integrate some sort of tutorial or learning level. The beginning was a bit too hard for me becauseI didn’t get the mechanic until about my third or fourth restart.”
“Good work man, this is a really solid game. Some may disagree, but I love the grayscale-with-hints-of-red aesthetic. I especially like the guy that talks to you in the tutorial, and the way you slide out your text.

The gameplay is fun and unique. One thing that was a little rough for me was the lack of immediate feedback when a node ran out of bullets. You might want to consider adding a tone when a node’s bullets are depleted, or even have it fire blanks.

Thanks – this was fun.”

and other nice feedback their 🙂

So I was confident that I will get nice FIs when I use them here are the FIs:

Ease of Use: 10/10

The game is easy to figure out without the lengthy tutorial. The goal and how to achieve it are clear.

Fun: 8/10

I’d rather have some mindless active shootem up game than have to depend on a sense of timing so much.

Graphics: 9/10

I like the shock effects during the tutorial. I’m not a big fan of black and white so I’d add color.

Sound: 10/10

The music is fun to listen to. The game sounds are dramatic, but sparse.

Polish: 8/10

The tutorial is way too long. It was hard for me to be successful so I quickly lost interest.

Custom Question:

I like the shock sound and shake effects. I’d have a much shorter tutorial. I’d have an editor proof the text, there are some errors in grammar (lifes, failures, it’s, etc.).


Ease of Use: 5/10

This game has a few menu quirks. The intro forces you to hit the skip button instead of just going into the main menu when you’ve read everything. The tutorial didn’t seem to let me shoot anything either. I had to exit out of it and go into a game.

Fun: 7/10

This is a cool idea and well executed, but I couldn’t seem to last more than like ten seconds in a game. Maybe I’m just really bad at this.

Graphics: 7/10

The graphics are simple and computer-y, but I really like them. They fit the theme well. The way the menu text unfolds itself is cool too.

Sound: 9/10

Sounds are good. Loud explosions, fast paced energetic music. Perfect. Sound effects are almost as good. I would have liked my little zapper to sound more zappery. I know that’s not helpful, but then the sound is about as good as it can get.

Polish: 5/10

The look and feel of this game is almost perfect. It controls pretty well too. However, maybe it is just me, but it seemed to hard.

Custom Question:

The look and sound of this game is perfect. It fits the theme, which is cool too. I just had trouble playing the game. maybe the rotor thing on the virus needs to spin faster? I died very quickly every time I played. It is a cool, good looking game, though, and a good concept.


Ease of Use: 3/10

its very hard to shoot because its going very slowly

Fun: 3/10

the game is very difficult because of the shooting factor

Graphics: 5/10

graphics are to basic, and targets aren’t much appealing

Sound: 7/10

I liked the music, it is motivating

Polish: 7/10

the shooting thing has to be improved because it makes the game very hard.

Custom Question:

this game can be very fun, if they fix the shooting

the music its cool and graphics are well designed.


Ease of Use: 1/10

I read all the instructions and the back story and I couldn’t get past the tutorial…do you shoot the white circle moving around the circle that shoots or was something else suppoed to show up for me to shoot? I don’t get it.

Fun: 3/10

Maybe if I understood how to play it would be more fun but I can’t ssay I enjoyed this one just moving around a blank screen and trying to figure out what to shoot.

Graphics: 5/10

the graphics are just ok.

Sound: Sound Off

no advice

Polish: 5/10

I can’t tell if the game is polished or not because I actually don’t know if something else was supposed to attack me or what. So maybe it was broken or maybe I couldn’t figure it out.

Custom Question:

Hate to say it, but I didn’t experience anything good about the game because I couldn’t figure out what to do- even after reading all the info. The tutorial focused more on the story than what to do so more help is needed here.


Ease of Use: 3/10

This game has too much text, I read it because I have to, you’re paying me for this, but any other player would just skip it. And even as I read it it’s still to hard to play this game, everything else on the screen has an enourmous advantage on the player.

Fun: 3/10

Running out of ammo constantly isn’t my idea of fun in a shooter game, it doesn’t make it more complicated, just makes it annoying.

Graphics: 5/10

Graphics look ok, but the lack of colors is really tiresome.

Sound: 10/10

I have to give it to this game, the music and sound effects are really good.

Polish: 5/10

Is the game just made of one level? because I keep coming back to the first screen, this needs to have challenges for the gamer, and not just in the form of achievements, change the colors please, why black & white? I saw some red too but that’s not enough.

Custom Question:

I didn’t really like the game, it’s more text than playtime, I didn’t like that I keep running out of ammo and enemies are faster than the player. Controls aren’t as easily explained as they should be. The only thing I liked was the music and effects and the possibility that this game could be a great shooter if changed drastically.

So the overall results are

Average Ease of Use: 4.4000/10

Average Fun: 4.8000/10

Average Graphics: 6.2000/10

Average Sound: 9.0000/10

Average Polish: 6.0000/10

Average Minutes Played: 8.2000/10

As you notice that As I always said BauAir is amazing Musician and is the best thing happens in this project is knowing a talented person like him 🙂 He is very helpful and very nice person 🙂

I dont know if the game is good or bad or anything and how to improve Hope I can do something 🙂 and Hope after this negative FIs to find sponsor :S

Lets Jump to another thing which is the only InDev Game Hello World! Tomy made the new graphics for the player with variants of skin colors and variants of weapons and varient of Hair styles and color 🙂 I am working with the Graphic Core Engine its too complicated and hard to keep the code general and at the same time simple and not take too much work.

Here are some of the graphics 🙂

It looks nice 🙂 I dlove him small with big head and amazing pixels Thanks to Tomy and his amazing work.

Now lets go to some indie stuff news 🙂

First Compo:

GameJolt have launched its 5th competition where its Theme is Demake (An already released indie game (of your choice) that, instead of being remade and improved, is demade and simplified so as to seem like the version that would have been released at some point in time before the original game)

The Contest will finish at midnight between 7th july and 8th July.

For full details click here.

Second Compo:

Its called Think Quest Compo its made by Oracle there are lots of fields to subscribe in so choose which is suitable for you. It will end in April 2011.

For more details click here.

Third Compo:

It is a Tigsource Compo called A Game by Its Cover where it is a game development competition based on how people’s work inspires others to think in new and wonderful ways. In it we’ll make real games out of fake game carts whose creators probably never imagined would become something real!

It will end at 31 July. For more details about rules and game click here.

Fourth Compo:

IGF 2011 have been open for submitions may be I will submit Hello World! If I could finish it soon for more details go to IGF website.

Fifth Compo:

Its launched by Game Maker Games website and called List Compo where more than one theme is available where there is 40$ prizes for the winners. The due date of the compo is 21 September.

For full details click here.

These are all the compos Lets go to another side which E3 YaaaaaaaaaaaaY 😀 I saw it online its amazing what the 3 companies (Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo)

Here is a small and brief summary about it:

Microsoft: Beside lots of amazing games that are coming to the platorm it announced about Project Kinect (formal name for Project Natal) its amazing and so precise and nicely done. Also it made a new version of XBox 360 which looks nicer than old one. Take a look by yourself.

Sony: Besides lots of amazing games that are coming to PS3 and PSP it announced about the launch of PS Move with eye piece which is very precise Also it announced that PS will support 3D games using Sony Bravia 3D screen and 3D glasses which is kidna cool. Take alook by yourself.

Nintendo: Beside the huge punch of amazing games made for the Wii. Nintendo announced about Nintendo 3DS where it view 3D without need to glasses at all. Take a look by yourself.

Third part of new is about some huge sales on Steam you should go for it (I am not sure if all of them is still running you can go and check).

Lets start with each game name and price:

Osmos game on steam with 2.5$. Here is the link.

Shatter game on steam with 2.5$. Here is the link.

The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom game on steam with 2.5$. Here is the link.

Last sale on steam is on Northern Light Pack where you get 5 amazing games with discounted price 64% discount so go and grap it. Here is the link.

Another thing I didnt say about The Oil Blue game has been already released and you could try the demo now (link) Its so amazing you should go and grap a copy

Also its soundtracks are amazing and musician is selling them for what you want to pay for it. Go and grab the music its amazing (link)

If you are fast enough you could buy The Oil Blue and GreenTech+ at discounted price (link).

Another part of news is about GameMaker and PSP porting so if you wish to know about updates in this here is a link for more info.

Lets now talk about FlashPunk a little. First there is a tutorial about Using Particle Emitter system here is a link.

Adam Saltsman and Chevy Ray have made a website called Flash Game Dojo where it contains alot of helpful info about flash gaming and how to get started either by FlashPunk or Flixel also it contains lots of helpful Tutorials that you can check. Here is the link.

Another part of news thats my game old Game Mailure have been published in a video on Pixel Prospector Indev in video where this video contain 235 Indie Video Games. Have alook on it.

Also there is another video by Pixel Propector (as the main site have been launched) contain 190 Indie Games. Here is the video.

Another piece of nice video is some video pictured for IndieGame the Movie

For more videos go to the website and check it.

Last thing today is some E3 Video interviews with Indie developpers.

First is interview with developers of Gemini Rue Game

Second Interview is with PixelJunk Shooter 2 Developers

This is all I have got till now Hope you enjoy it. I know there is more but thats enough till now.

Bye Bye


Pace Maker FP Closed Beta

Hi all,

I have finished implementing Pace Maker FP 🙂 Yaaaaaaaaaaay 🙂
I wished If I can find some beta testers for it and tell me the feed back what wants to be improved as I think the curve of difficulty and other stuffs of money and enemies is still not balanced well 🙂

So I wish there is some testers that helps me in the game testing but since I am going to try to sponsor it so I dont want to make open beta so people dont share links and copy game and these stuff which will down rate the game in the view of the sponsor 🙂

So I decided to make closed beta testing 🙂 The music and Sounds are not finalized 🙂 they are temporarly for the moment as BauAir is still modifing it and he told me that he is going to help me in sound effects as well.

So anyone interested in testing just leave a msg here on the blog with profile contain his email or write his email in the post or send a private email to me and I shall reply on him 🙂

For now I will leave you with a short vedio about the game

The amazing music in the video is made by BauAir 🙂 thnx to him and his really support 🙂

Thats for now 🙂

Bye Bye


Just a Talk

Hey all,
How are you all 🙂 I hope u are in good health 🙂 This is the fastest time I post since longtime ago where I used to do that 🙂

First of all, I am going to talk about my own projects Hello World! no progress at all :S but PaceMaker FP I made some types of bullet waves also I made two types of enemies right now 🙂

As spoiling stuff I designed on papers 17 types of enemies 🙂 Hope to get them done soon 🙂 I know some of u may want some screens but I dont think I will do that right now so as not to spoil more stuff 🙂

Also another thing about PaceMaker FP 🙂 that BauAir Studios (a talent guy caled Mikeal) geneoursly accepted to make music for Pace Maker FP which is a very nice thing :).

Lets go to indie scene and some other stuff I liked 🙂

First there is free tickets for Casual Connect Conferene at Seattle 🙂 and mochimedia is supporting this tickets for more info here is a link.

Second thing Sakis25 a fellow developper using GameMaker but he is really amazing(He is the one behind Zoo Escape 3D in last YoYoGames Compo) 🙂 he posted on his blog about a trailer for something called Mortal Combat Rebirth which is a trailer to a movie but made very well take a look 🙂

Also the next video is nice video for Stensil painting where he paint a monster from a game called Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Last stuff is some pixel art I was trying long time ago more than a month 🙂
Check them and tell me your opinion 🙂

I know that this post is shallow but I wanted to talk 🙂
That all for now 🙂



Longer than expected :)

Hey all,
Sorry for not updating lately but I was having a very large exam MI exam (Machine Intellegence) I dont think I solved good at all in the exam 🙂 it was so hard for a human being to solve and remember around 500 pages in only 7 days 😀

Forget about this painfull experince I passed through it 🙂 Now lets take alook about everything indie 🙂

About my Game Projects Hello World! and Pace Maker FP no new as I was studing hard the last week 🙂 but about two old games Ninjaki and Night Guard I moved them to an Abandon games section 🙂 and may I will release their source code if anyone interested but I dont think it is nice as I am always work unarranged and with no plans 🙂

Talking about source codes both two very famous games Gish and Aquaria go now open and you can download their source code from the internet and work with it 🙂
Here are the links: Gish Source Code, Aquaria Source Code repository link

Aquaria Level Editor Video Nice one 🙂

About competitions it has been long time since I talked here about any new one ) There are several compos are held by time.

First one:

Expermintal Gameplay launch its new theme which is Casual Addiction which will last for two monthes. More details are here.

You can make use of that entry and enter with it another compo for Jayisgames which is the second compo on the list of todays compo 🙂 here is the link for more details.

Third Compo on today list:

Its a large one held by Activision with total prizes ranges to 175,000$ :O Which is pretty amazing 🙂 here for further details about rules.

After this avalanche of compos lets back for more indie news 🙂

AMD and YoYoGames launched a new site for kids to learn game design and programming called Activate 🙂 you can check on it for lots of cool stuff. But someone may call where is YoYoGames involved in this thats pretty easy its main tool GameMaker is used as a primary tool at the site.

Last two stuffs 🙂

About FlashPunk recently ChevyRay made class for splash screens and its so cool take a look (preview) (Source Code)

Last is a nice video by Alec Holowka at Pecha Kucha talking
Here is the video check it 🙂

Last thing the E3 will be this month and it will start at 15 June and ends at 17 June which so amazing 🙂 and waiting for it 🙂 to see it online as I still cant go to it 🙂

This is my last words for now 🙂

Bye Bye


Week After Week

Hey All,
I know I only post things from week to week but this due to the exams period besides I want everytime I share I have thing to say either news about my games or news about any other indie stuff :).

First of all about Hello World! project, this week I was surprised that a flash game is released having similar name (Hello Worlds!) but thanks god that the creator add (s) at the end of the World 🙂 so it became different.

About the graphics Tomy was making my friends when they saw it, They said to me that its small and they want bigger sprites and I want it more chibi (may be bubble head (large head, small body)) so Tomy started to recreate the sprites again and make a small mock up for how it going to look.

I told him the size is very nice but I want smaller body and colors not to be to retro style I want it more smooth.

Also when I was free some how I was trying a particle effect engine with different styles and I generated a very nice effects take a look.

About Pace Maker FP I make the achievement works also I make HUD and preloader screen and make some small modifications.

Now lets go to indie news on the scene 🙂
First I found a very nice video about pixels I wanted to share it with you 🙂

Also Some people created a vedio about the famous flash game called Every Day the Same Dream, the video is to nice but also too sad

Last about videos a nice pixel art documentary video was made take a look on it

There are indie game bundles released these days from Boss Baddie team called the Lunar Pack where you pay what you want for two of their nice games (Wake and Lunnye Devitsy) also including some nice soundtracks from their next game Tomshire 🙂

Third thing is about a tool I published about it before called Sculptris now version 1.0 is published. Sculptris is a free 3D easy modeling tool 🙂 take alook on it

This is all the news till now 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it 🙂
I had to go as I had lots of study to do 🙂

Bye Bye


Some News :)

Hi All,
A week as usual from last post 🙂 as I can’t do better than that in these days 🙂 lots of meeting and working and less time to sleep 🙂

First I will talk about my projects 🙂
Hello World! is still buggy and contain lots of error :S the server side was sending data lately so the game speed at the client decrements as more clients get involved. We were having this huge problem till yesterday were we tried an old library, We tried it long time ago (called Lidgren) and we found it is not better than threading in the dotNet Frame work but when one of my friends try it yesterday it worked nicely and this problem was nearlly disappeared so we were so happy 🙂
There are other problem with graphics and I am affraid that my friends may dont like it :S I am not proffesional with Lighting and stuffs like these. I am only good at retro style effects some particle effects no more :S but guassian blur and other effects I dont know how to do it so I will try to learn how to do them so I hope that I can do it perfectly 🙂
About Tomy the artist he send to me some mockup for the character (his face will be changed to be more chibi look)

About Pace Maker FP I have programmed the super powers (Shield and Kaboom) also I programmed the coin generator where it generate the money from the destroyed enemies. The remaining now is the enemies and the logic for achievements and saving achievement and may be highscore table.
Here are some pictures:

Last thing about my project news that I am going to stop working a little on these projects due to exams period is coming and I didnt study anything :S “exams will start at 6/6”

This is all my working news lets talk about indie scene news:
First these are amazing interviews I’ve collected they are amazing:

There are another interview with Edmund Mcmillan but this interview was made as a part of Indie Game Movie where it is set to feature a variety of well-known indie gaming figures and document the way their projects and ways of life reflect the indie gaming scene as a whole. Go and support the Indie Game Movie on Kickstarter where they are seeking to reach $15,000 budget 🙂
Here is the trailer which is an interview with Edmund and his Super Meat Boy project.

Another peice of news I found about working at YoYoGames here is the link for further details.

About Ludum Dare Last compo Gaiadi game win the compo 🙂 its a very nice game you should try it 🙂
The creator posted a vedio about its creation process here is the vedio:

Another breakout news 🙂 Adobe make a deal with google so that flash games now can run on Android operating system for further details here is a link
Here is a vedio made where he access Mochi Mobile website through android browser

After this announcement some of the flashpunk fellows compiled pink game using Adobe Air on his Nexus One mobile phone here is link for further details.

Last news is from Vertigo Gaming Company as he revealed gameplay of his new game The Oil Blue he posted some screenshots and vedio for gameplay the game really awesome you should check it. Here is a link
And here is a vedio for gameplay:

This is all the news for this week 🙂

I hope I dont stop posting here during the exams period But it depends on how good I will be in studing 🙂

ByeBye for now


Call for Help

Hi All,

long time as usual :), But you by time know that I am totally busy :S which is so bad :S

About the Hello World! project, An artist from Pixelation called Tomas Barrios and he is very talented 🙂 here is a link to some of his work, I am not sure if he will work after he knows all details of work or will need a large chunck of money :-?? Hope that he helps us 🙂

About PaceMaker FlashVersion I finished a large shot from previous time 🙂
here is some screen shots 🙂

The remaining parts are the music I wished Heatex is free to make some music for me but he had exams and working with rotten_tatter on some cool projects.

So I told Heatex if he become free before I finish the project tell me 🙂 if no may be I will search for a musician 🙂

Another thing Lucidrine is now hiring new artist and flash developpers for full time job so if you are intersted see this link for further details 🙂

At the end Knite a known artist on GameJolt (he really is nice person and his art is so cool) on his blog says that an artist called extvia will make tutorial on drawing using GIMP so I am waiting for it 🙂

There is a charity bundle from amazing indie games creators 🙂 don’t hesitate and go buy it 🙂 its so amazing 🙂 here is a video for further details

Also FlashPunk v1.00 has been launched I wish I can use it but changing lots of code made for FlashPunk v0.87 to v1.00 is huge :S
So my next game will use it. Here is a link for further details.

2BeeGames has changed its name to be IndiePub and it launches its 3rd Competition 🙂 for grand prize 100,000$ 😀 which is an amazing chunck of money for further details see this link.

Last thing Daniel Remar creator of Iji game 🙂 have launched his new amazing game Hero Core its an amazing game u should all try it 🙂

Thats everything now 🙂 Hope I can continue working on all my projects 🙂

Wish to me good luck and if there is interseted musician for either any of my projects Hello World! or PaceMaker FP reply on this post or send to me email on amidos2002@hotmail.com.

Bye for now 🙂