Alone in the Park OST

Hey All,

Sorry for not posting for long time but I am making a huge post that I will publish it as soon as I finish it 🙂
In the mean time my friend Mikeal Bauer have released Alone in the Park OST for Pay what you want 🙂 It’s amazing 8-Bit 10 amazing tracks so Go and show him some love and support his music (link) 🙂

Hope you love it and that’s everything for now and I am sure there will be more news soon 🙂

Bye Bye


Clean’Em Up OST

Hey All,
Just wanted to announce here that Clean’Em Up OST by talented Mikael Bauer is online on Bandcamp its for pay what you want 🙂 so Consider paying some money as its an amazing album 🙂

That’s everything for now 🙂 Just check the album and I am sure you won’t regret 🙂 (Bandcamp Link)

Bye Bye


Clean’Em Up News

Hey All,
If you are following me on twitter(@amidos2006) you should know by now that Clean’Em Up passed Round 2 in Imagine Cup 2012 and we have submitted it to Round 3 and also IndieCade 2012.

This is some of Judges feedback on Round 2
First Judge “This is a very polished game. It feels like something that you might download and play from live arcade. A nice arcade shooter with upgradable.
Second Judge “This is a fun game and I enjoyed playing it.

There is some drawbacks from judges but it just something with Imagine Cup Theme.


Clean’Em Up New Game for Imagine Cup 2012

Hey All,
Not long time since last update 🙂 I think its time for a new update about a new game 🙂

Every year I wanted to participate in Imagine Cup 🙂 but I never have the power to enter alone 🙁 but this year a friend of mine (Omar Khaled Shokry) also wanted to enter Imagine Cup, so we decided to enter but the game must be fun and at same time address tough problem the world is facing and trying to solve it so we thought a lot and since me and him loves the fast pace action, So we decided to make Clean’Em Up.



Hey all,

How are you? I know I am slow in progressing stuff but this is because I am a Teacher Assistant at Faculty of Engineering Cairo University.

And I have finished the Premaster Courses and its time to choose a research point which is the most difficult thing 🙁 till now.

As you can see from my blog I adore games 🙂 so I wanted my research point to be related about games so I am now in searching phase for the point but I can’t find till now which make me sad 🙁 but the main two field I thought in them was real time AI and real time Graphics rendering (AI and Graphics) so if any of you have any ideas about these stuff could you plz help me and send some points to start deep searching in them 🙂


Huge Chunk of News

Hi All,

I am totally sorry for long not updating the Blog but I was so busy and I had lots of work and exams till now I am too busy but I managed to sneak with some little time to write a large and nice blog 🙂

First news if anyone noticed that PaceMaker FP changed from InDev to Complete Games and now waiting for Sponsorshipping.

Since I have evolved in the community of FGL to Level2 so they gave me 5 First Impression to use I was pretty confident from my game from developper feedback (take a look) here are some of the feedback:


Pace Maker FP Closed Beta

Hi all,

I have finished implementing Pace Maker FP 🙂 Yaaaaaaaaaaay 🙂
I wished If I can find some beta testers for it and tell me the feed back what wants to be improved as I think the curve of difficulty and other stuffs of money and enemies is still not balanced well 🙂

So I wish there is some testers that helps me in the game testing but since I am going to try to sponsor it so I dont want to make open beta so people dont share links and copy game and these stuff which will down rate the game in the view of the sponsor 🙂


Just a Talk

Hey all,
How are you all 🙂 I hope u are in good health 🙂 This is the fastest time I post since longtime ago where I used to do that 🙂

First of all, I am going to talk about my own projects Hello World! no progress at all :S but PaceMaker FP I made some types of bullet waves also I made two types of enemies right now 🙂

As spoiling stuff I designed on papers 17 types of enemies 🙂 Hope to get them done soon 🙂 I know some of u may want some screens but I dont think I will do that right now so as not to spoil more stuff 🙂