Chrome Webstore

Hey all,
I wish I published these stuffs on Valentine’s Day as a present to every one loves Chrome 🙂 but the problem that Google kept my transaction for development fees for about 5 days to make it 🙂

The above header is true I published some stuffs on Chrome Webstore to test it and if people likes my stuffs, I may publish more stuff in future 🙂

I have published a game and two themes here are they

Project Cupid Game


Project Cupid Release

Hey All,
It’s Valentine and I thought that best thing to do on Valentine’s to publish my game Project Cupid for free on portals 🙂

I also made a surprise for that day too but Google keep me delayed 🙁 due to some problems in their paying system 🙁 but as soon as they finish I will announce about that 🙂

Here is the links for Project Cupid:

  1. Kongregate
  2. Newgrounds
  3. GameJolt

That’s everything for now 🙂




Hey all,

How are you? I know I am slow in progressing stuff but this is because I am a Teacher Assistant at Faculty of Engineering Cairo University.

And I have finished the Premaster Courses and its time to choose a research point which is the most difficult thing 🙁 till now.

As you can see from my blog I adore games 🙂 so I wanted my research point to be related about games so I am now in searching phase for the point but I can’t find till now which make me sad 🙁 but the main two field I thought in them was real time AI and real time Graphics rendering (AI and Graphics) so if any of you have any ideas about these stuff could you plz help me and send some points to start deep searching in them 🙂


Project Cupid New Graphics Launches :D YaaaaaaaaaY :D

Hey all,
The new graphics for Project Cupid has been finished and here is the new trailer for the game

Go and try it on FGL (link):)

Last thing all music made by Mikeal BauAir for me can be find on his Bandcamp Channel go and check it (Pace Maker, Project Cupid)

Sorry for this short post but promise soon will be more posts 🙂



Project Cupid New Graphics

Hey All,
This is a short post and doesn’t contain lots of details 🙂
Tomas Barrios (the artist I worked with him in Hello World! and Mountainer) offered to me to remake the graphics of Project Cupid 🙂 and I accepted that (as lots of people complain about my graphics :D) So that’s the result 🙂

The graphics almost finished now and as soon as it is finished the game will be relaunched on flashgamelicense with new graphics 🙂 and here are difference image between old graphics and new one 🙂 see it and tell me your opinion 🙂 (click on image to enlarge)


Bunch Of News and Announcements :)

Hey all,
Long time as usual 🙂 but still busy and have some boredom as I am always busy and when I am free (rarely happens) I want to work on my games and go out and watch movies in this little time so as result sometimes I just don’t do anything.

But I have worked on my game Project Cupid and its now on FGL for bidding and here is the promo ad video.

About the iOS game 🙂 the game is now named and its called iGoo and a devblog is launched for it you can view it here and here is a promo poster.


Undead rising :)

Hey All,
It seems dead here :S sorry for that as I didn’t mean to do that but I was forced to stop all my activities for this long time 🙂 due to my country status (as I live in Egypt and at same time I am serving in the army forces) also I had exams for my master degree which make it worse and I had no time to do anything :S

I will finish exams on 30/6 and I think I will take small break and return working on my projects 🙂

I updated my current projects to contain all my running projects 🙂 which contains Hello World! and The Power FP and the new game Project Cupid 🙂 and Top Secret iOS game where I designed the game and will make graphics 🙂