Fast News and A Request :)

Hey All,
As usual sorry for not posting for a while but I have been busy playing a friend of mine (@theBanov) newest game game (Phantasmaburbia) and its so amazing, you should check it 🙂 Also I had some college work to do so everything is slowed down 🙁 Sorry 🙁

You could be more updated of what I am doing by following me on Twitter (@amidos2006) as I tweet a lot more than here 🙂

First thing I am now working on my 2nd Commercial game which is an expansion to Balls game and the game is called All my Balls 🙂 and I started a Devlog on Tigsource Forums where you can follow my updates on the project there 🙂 (Go track the project).



Hi All,
I didn’t write here long time and I only wrote when it is a new game announcement 🙂 but there was lots of things happening before that silence and I didn’t have time to tell you about its results or what happened (because I am a bit busy and lazy :S) so I decided today to write about all missing things here.

First thing is about my collaboration game “Alone in the Park” that has been in-development since ever (even before starting on Clean’Em Up) but its now 99% finished just small polishing stuff and will be ready for beta testing and after 2 weeks in testing in that time we will seek for sponsorship for the game (Hope to get a cool deal as the game is nice and we put a lot of work in it) and then the release 🙂 Since we didn’t say a lot of details about the game so I made a trailer (it is intended to be funny and don’t show anything about the story) Hope you like it 🙂


The Power landed on Kongregate, Newgrounds and GameJolt

Hey all,
Sorry for long time with no updates but I was struggling with some stuff for the Launch of Clean’Em Up 🙂 This gonna be a quick blog post.

The Power now landed on

Show it some love and tweet about that 🙂 Thanks inadvance 🙂

Bye Bye for now


Kabba (Arabic Game) And Game Updates

Hey All,
First Thing I am announcing an Arabic Game called Kabba(Syrian Food) for GameTako website where all its revenue will go as donations for Syria and I hope it gets lots of money :). Kabba game is Ta’mya game (same game engine) but different graphics and thanks for Ali GameTako Graphics Designer for amazing graphics created.

Second thing Jesper Post a cool guy played The Power and made a large map for the game connecting all rooms with each other 🙂 nice work 🙂 from him but it is a spoiler by the way so if you didn’t play the game yet don’t look at it unless you got stuck and wanna know where to go next 🙂


EvilQuest and Relation to The Power and The Power reviews

Hey All
I didn’t work today because at the morning I was at college monitoring students at exam 🙂 and when I returned I decided to purchase EvilQuest as I tried the demo I love it looks like a zelda like game with awesome boss fights so I decided I should buy and also its cheap only 2$.

I played it for 1:15 hour by now 🙂 finished near half the game but what I can say about the game that its more like The Power with some RPG elements and spells and potions.

So if you liked the power so you will love this game as its larger and made in top down (more action in my view). So why I am saying it looks like The Power first of all the game is divided in areas which is like the power (I know lots of games have areas) but the areas here have some similarities with the power areas (Snow Area, Caves, Sewer (looks like water levels)).


100th Post (Huge Post)

Hey All
This gonna be the largest post of all time, which will make you remember old days when I was writing about lots of stuffs and concepts and lots of amazing things.

This post is so long so if you are busy now you can check it later as it will took alot of time to check everything in it and this post will be starting for series of posts which gonna talk about my career and my coming games and my thoughts.

Let’s Start the post with some music and tracks from games that you must buy them without hesitation, these tracks are so beautiful that you must at least check them


The Power OST is out

Hey All,
Good news 🙂 my friends Pgil & Brother Android has just published The Power OST on Bandcamp for free 🙂 go grab a copy quickly 🙂 for this amazing chiptune music 🙂 (link)

That’s all for now 🙂

Bye Bye


Chrome Webstore

Hey all,
I wish I published these stuffs on Valentine’s Day as a present to every one loves Chrome 🙂 but the problem that Google kept my transaction for development fees for about 5 days to make it 🙂

The above header is true I published some stuffs on Chrome Webstore to test it and if people likes my stuffs, I may publish more stuff in future 🙂

I have published a game and two themes here are they

Project Cupid Game



Hey all,

How are you? I know I am slow in progressing stuff but this is because I am a Teacher Assistant at Faculty of Engineering Cairo University.

And I have finished the Premaster Courses and its time to choose a research point which is the most difficult thing 🙁 till now.

As you can see from my blog I adore games 🙂 so I wanted my research point to be related about games so I am now in searching phase for the point but I can’t find till now which make me sad 🙁 but the main two field I thought in them was real time AI and real time Graphics rendering (AI and Graphics) so if any of you have any ideas about these stuff could you plz help me and send some points to start deep searching in them 🙂


Some Game Footage :)

Hey all,
Just quick post about some game reviews I have got 🙂

First game was The Power as Pixel Prospector reviewed the original game made by Alexitron and referred to the flash version being in sponsoring on FGL and here is the link and video where they were showing the game 🙂

Also a friend of mine (KniteBlargh a nice artist and he is talented) played my recent game Zebalooz and wrote a very nice review about the game 🙂 the review is so nice 🙂 so check it up (link)

This is for now 🙂 stay tune 🙂 for more updates.