Evil Goat LudumDare 25 Result

Hey All,
This is a very short post so don’t worry 😀 not like previous one 😉

Just wanted to say that Evil Goat is ranked 21 overall in LudumDare 25 and ranked 10 in Fun Category 😀 which is super amazing I never got high in LudumDare like that one although I am still thinking Don’t Push the Button is far more better than Evil Goat.

Here are the results of Evil Goat:

  • #10 Fun 3.95
  • #21 Overall 3.95
  • #109 Graphics 3.74
  • #189 Humor 3.06
  • #254 Theme 3.45
  • #260 Mood 2.97
  • #261 Audio 2.73
  • #283 Innovation 3.05

Thanks everyone who voted for the game and I hope that 2013 is better than 2012 and make better games and may be get some money from them 🙂


Fast News and A Request :)

Hey All,
As usual sorry for not posting for a while but I have been busy playing a friend of mine (@theBanov) newest game game (Phantasmaburbia) and its so amazing, you should check it 🙂 Also I had some college work to do so everything is slowed down 🙁 Sorry 🙁

You could be more updated of what I am doing by following me on Twitter (@amidos2006) as I tweet a lot more than here 🙂

First thing I am now working on my 2nd Commercial game which is an expansion to Balls game and the game is called All my Balls 🙂 and I started a Devlog on Tigsource Forums where you can follow my updates on the project there 🙂 (Go track the project).



Hi All,
I didn’t write here long time and I only wrote when it is a new game announcement 🙂 but there was lots of things happening before that silence and I didn’t have time to tell you about its results or what happened (because I am a bit busy and lazy :S) so I decided today to write about all missing things here.

First thing is about my collaboration game “Alone in the Park” that has been in-development since ever (even before starting on Clean’Em Up) but its now 99% finished just small polishing stuff and will be ready for beta testing and after 2 weeks in testing in that time we will seek for sponsorship for the game (Hope to get a cool deal as the game is nice and we put a lot of work in it) and then the release 🙂 Since we didn’t say a lot of details about the game so I made a trailer (it is intended to be funny and don’t show anything about the story) Hope you like it 🙂


Robotic Arm is out and its evolving story :)

Hey All,
As usual I didn’t find sponsor soon for my game so I decided to release it for free 🙂
The game is inspired at the first place by images from Nexus Game Studio and their upcoming game infinite.

I wanted to create a game about planets and orbiting and I started thinking and at the beginning to mix the idea of rotating planets with Don’t Push the Button zooming idea so whenever you reach a destination this destination is a part of planets that will rotate with you and the camera goes out. The rotating idea had come to me from a game I used to play it a lot at these days called These Robotic Hearts of Mine by Alan Hazelden you should check it, its free on web and there is versions for iOS and Android and Playbook.


Kabba (Arabic Game) And Game Updates

Hey All,
First Thing I am announcing an Arabic Game called Kabba(Syrian Food) for GameTako website where all its revenue will go as donations for Syria and I hope it gets lots of money :). Kabba game is Ta’mya game (same game engine) but different graphics and thanks for Ali GameTako Graphics Designer for amazing graphics created.

Second thing Jesper Post a cool guy played The Power and made a large map for the game connecting all rooms with each other 🙂 nice work 🙂 from him but it is a spoiler by the way so if you didn’t play the game yet don’t look at it unless you got stuck and wanna know where to go next 🙂


Don’t Push the Button Released

Hey all,
Don’t Push the Button game for LudumDare 23 is now published on several portals

Go and try the game it has been modified a little from the LudumDare Entry to be better in movement 🙂

That’s all for now and will post soon about lots of stuffs.

Bye Bye


100th Post (Huge Post)

Hey All
This gonna be the largest post of all time, which will make you remember old days when I was writing about lots of stuffs and concepts and lots of amazing things.

This post is so long so if you are busy now you can check it later as it will took alot of time to check everything in it and this post will be starting for series of posts which gonna talk about my career and my coming games and my thoughts.

Let’s Start the post with some music and tracks from games that you must buy them without hesitation, these tracks are so beautiful that you must at least check them


Clean’Em Up News

Hey All,
If you are following me on twitter(@amidos2006) you should know by now that Clean’Em Up passed Round 2 in Imagine Cup 2012 and we have submitted it to Round 3 and also IndieCade 2012.

This is some of Judges feedback on Round 2
First Judge “This is a very polished game. It feels like something that you might download and play from live arcade. A nice arcade shooter with upgradable.
Second Judge “This is a fun game and I enjoyed playing it.

There is some drawbacks from judges but it just something with Imagine Cup Theme.


Don’t Push the Button LD#23

Hey all, long time as usual but I am working hard on lots of stuffs 🙂 and soon will get lots of releases of lots of games 🙂 I have participated in LD#23 whose theme was “Tiny World” and I made a small game called Don’t Push the Button 🙂 it took about lets say about 20 hours work 🙂 (most of this time was testing the game and designing levels) as I decided to make a difficult platformer game and I am not good a lot at playing them and the result was Don’t Push the Button 🙂 I am pleased with it but I know it contains lots of stuffs to be edited so I will work on it after a while to enhance it (as all people says the player is too fast so I will slow him) but now go check the game and rate it 🙂 and if you like it please tweet it or share it 🙂 (Ludum Dare 23 Link)