Teddy Game Release

Hey All,
This will be just a small and short post about my game Teddy which I don’t think lots will play it and enjoy it as It is a story telling game written in Arabic Language (So if you can’t read Arabic I don’t think you will like it at all, Sorry for that)

It’s now online on GameTako and here is the (link) stay tuned for more news and releases 😉

That’s everything for now 🙂

Bye Bye


Clean’Em Up News

Hey All,
If you are following me on twitter(@amidos2006) you should know by now that Clean’Em Up passed Round 2 in Imagine Cup 2012 and we have submitted it to Round 3 and also IndieCade 2012.

This is some of Judges feedback on Round 2
First Judge “This is a very polished game. It feels like something that you might download and play from live arcade. A nice arcade shooter with upgradable.
Second Judge “This is a fun game and I enjoyed playing it.

There is some drawbacks from judges but it just something with Imagine Cup Theme.