My LudumDare 27 entry: Match A Number

Hey All,
Sorry for being away and not writing here or doing any activities or not having any released games since Atomic (end of April) but sorry again for that I was in very bad mood and bad situations but I promise you, that lots of releases are soon because I have been working on some long term projects and they are almost finished so stay tuned 😉

I participated in past LudumDare 27 to release a new game but I had only 10 hours to make a game so I didn’t think about an idea I chose an old idea I had and implemented it. The result is Match A Number is out with two versions the LudumDare is very difficult because I restricted the timing to 10 seconds (to cop with the theme) but since the game had nice way to play so I made a relaxed version with more time and uploaded it to my beloved 3 portals


Evil Goat LudumDare 25 Result

Hey All,
This is a very short post so don’t worry 😀 not like previous one 😉

Just wanted to say that Evil Goat is ranked 21 overall in LudumDare 25 and ranked 10 in Fun Category 😀 which is super amazing I never got high in LudumDare like that one although I am still thinking Don’t Push the Button is far more better than Evil Goat.

Here are the results of Evil Goat:

  • #10 Fun 3.95
  • #21 Overall 3.95
  • #109 Graphics 3.74
  • #189 Humor 3.06
  • #254 Theme 3.45
  • #260 Mood 2.97
  • #261 Audio 2.73
  • #283 Innovation 3.05

Thanks everyone who voted for the game and I hope that 2013 is better than 2012 and make better games and may be get some money from them 🙂


Evil Goat New Game & it’s Walkthrough

Hey All,
I know its a bit late as usual to tell you about my new game Evil Goat which is made for LudumDare25 (You are a Villain).

For sure you knew from twitter about it when I was making it but I was a bit busy to post here about it and at same time I wanted to post here after sometime so I can test every level and be sure the minimum is correct in each level.

Thanks to Aro769, MadMath, Guzah, Fake-Zarkel, DrominEcho, keharriso on Newgrounds for helping me to correct the minimum of most of the levels.


Top Down Super Crate Box my Charity GameJam Entry

Hi All,
As usual long time since last post but I have been busy working on lots of stuffs 🙂 you can get faster updates about my project by following me (@Amidos2006) or faster updates about All my Balls by tracking the TIGSource thread.

Two days ago @McFunkypants started a miniLD for charity (which is first Charity LudumDare) called Charity GameJam (more details).

So I participated in it and finished a NES version of Super Crate Box but in Top Down shooter way inspired by Dromad (Connor Ullmann) so go try it now on Charity GameJam Website 🙂


Collect Postmortem and New game

Hey all,
First of all some of you wanna read Collect Postmortem it is now posted on LudumDare blog you can check it there (link).

Second thing I wanna thank Scattle and Noel Berry for inspiration in making the game happens 🙂

Third and final thing the new game, it is a collaboration game between me and Alexitron the game is not large thing like “The Power“, its just a small casual arcade game called “Find it!” as he wanted to make an experiment about flash game as when we made “The Power” (large adventure game we didn’t get any bids and last bid which we accept was small) while his game “And everything started to fall” got a huge bid although its a small game 🙂


Collect Enhanced version is now online :)

Hey All,
Collect my entry to LudumDare 24 is enhanced and became more easier and less repetitive is now online on my usual portals 🙂

The game now features music by Kevin Macloed and it is now better than before 🙂

P.S.: Sorry for the spelling mistake in the game title :$ its now solved 🙂

That’s everything for now 🙂

Bye Bye


Collect: Game about Collecting and Evolving for LudumDare 24 Competition

Hey all,
Long time as usual since I posted here and I am sorry for that but I was lazy and depressed the past days since last post about Robotic Arm.

So I decided to break the boredom by participating in LudumDare 24 🙂 and Thanks god I have finished a game with strange idea (experimental as usual, I don’t know from where these weird ideas come from really :D).

So I finished a game called Collect where your aim to collect + signs and evolve to survive all tests.

Will make a post soon about how idea came and what goes right and what goes wrong in making it 🙂 (Collect: Postmortem post)


U.F.O. Source code released

I have said in the 100th Post that I will publish lots of my game codes and will talk a lot about the development of each one.

The first game that I am going to talk about is U.F.O. you will notice its one of my abandoned games, this game was done for LudumDare but I get bored and at that time was having some issues with my life so I didn’t continue the game and didn’t submit it to LudumDare and no one ever tried it except me 🙂

The game is about a U.F.O. who want to terminate man kind so he kidnap people by using the anti-gravitational beam but the U.F.O. is malfunctioned so any person is kidnapped is thrown away after few seconds but at that time the U.F.O. acquire any weapon those people had so he can use it to kill more people (sounds weird).


Don’t Push the Button LD#23

Hey all, long time as usual but I am working hard on lots of stuffs 🙂 and soon will get lots of releases of lots of games 🙂 I have participated in LD#23 whose theme was “Tiny World” and I made a small game called Don’t Push the Button 🙂 it took about lets say about 20 hours work 🙂 (most of this time was testing the game and designing levels) as I decided to make a difficult platformer game and I am not good a lot at playing them and the result was Don’t Push the Button 🙂 I am pleased with it but I know it contains lots of stuffs to be edited so I will work on it after a while to enhance it (as all people says the player is too fast so I will slow him) but now go check the game and rate it 🙂 and if you like it please tweet it or share it 🙂 (Ludum Dare 23 Link)

I am Bad :D

Hey all,
I know that it has been long time since my last post here :S, which is really sucks I should return posting frequently here again.

First of all Mountainer have been finished (from coding point of view) using FlashPunk and now its over FGL getting feedback and waiting for new graphics made by Tomy (Artist of Hello World! project).

Here is link on FGL.

Here is some screenshots from the game and soon the demo video will be captured 🙂

About working I wanted to join Ludum Dare 18 either the Jam or the Compo but since I was too busy so I couldnt finish my entry which is called U.F.O.