My LudumDare 27 entry: Match A Number

Hey All,
Sorry for being away and not writing here or doing any activities or not having any released games since Atomic (end of April) but sorry again for that I was in very bad mood and bad situations but I promise you, that lots of releases are soon because I have been working on some long term projects and they are almost finished so stay tuned 😉

I participated in past LudumDare 27 to release a new game but I had only 10 hours to make a game so I didn’t think about an idea I chose an old idea I had and implemented it. The result is Match A Number is out with two versions the LudumDare is very difficult because I restricted the timing to 10 seconds (to cop with the theme) but since the game had nice way to play so I made a relaxed version with more time and uploaded it to my beloved 3 portals

Go try it and don’t forget to rate my game on LudumDare. That’s everything for now don’t worry will post more frequent.

Bye Bye

3 thoughts on “My LudumDare 27 entry: Match A Number

  1. Amidos! what a surprise to hear from you again my friend. For a moment I was starting to think you abandoned your blog and game development. Its good to hear from you and that you are alright and still working on games. can’t wait to hear about your big projects you have been working on. 🙂

  2. Hope you are able to post more frequently. It is good that you were able to participate and design a game, even if you didn’t have as much time as you wanted because of the restrictions put in place.

    At least you were able to make adjustments later on. Also, you have old ideas that you could fine tune and use when it became necessary.

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