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Hey everybody,
Hope there is still some people following me here on the blog as it have been long time since I wrote anything new but don’t worry I was away this time working on my new games. If anyone follows me on twitter (@amidos2006) he would probably know the running projects and he probably know that I have been working on Atomic+ for more than a month nearly two months.

I was aiming this year to submit Crappy Dreams as usual to IGF 2014 but I didn’t work on it as I wanted finish Atomic+ very fast and show the beta version to the public because I was going to show it at A Maze Festival at Johannesburg and also at Gamer’s Day in Riyadh.

Atomic+ got nice impression from Gamer’s Day and A Maze Festival but I couldn’t collect as much feedback on it in A Maze festival because it was viewed at a place called iLounge where it was far from Alex Theater (main place) where PC/Console are shown so hardly any person come to iLounge and all head to Alex Theater except for the launching day where the launch was on the top of the iLounge and I saw people loving my game and love it a lot and I got some really nice feedback where it cause to improve the game. Also I gave a talk there called “be Different” will post it here soon and hope to do it at another place too.

My Presentation

In Gamer’s Day I didn’t attend because it was impossible to get VISA to get to Saudi Arabia before pilgrim season so my musician Agent Whiskers went to the Gamer’s Day and we rocked there (I was wishing I was there) lots of people loved it and Agent Whiskers got interviewed by Arabic interview from GM-Moster

Here some of the feedback that the game had at Gamer’s Day


Also who follows me on twitter knows by now that I am working on an iOS version for my game Match a Number as I found it is easy to port to iOS and won’t need a lot of extra effort. When I showed the game to Danny Day (Head of QCF team) in South Africa he loved it a lot and suggested to me lots of improvements that made the game stands out now 🙂 Since I always wanted to submit to IGF so I have to think which game to submit since Crappy Dreams was not finished yet so I have now two options either new Match a Number or Atomic+.

I chose Atomic+ for the IGF this year (YAAAAAAAAAY) I hope I have done the right decision for that 🙂 I was wondering about how to pay the 95$ the entry fee and a friend of mine Tom (Founder of KintoGames) paid them for me as a gift and I am so so happy because I didn’t know how to pay them (because I don’t have much money)

Because of that I have made a trailer for Atomic+ and launched the website for it (Check the website)

That’s everything for now I have more and more news but I will post them on time (I hope nothing delays me more). Stay tuned for more news in the upcoming week about Match a Number launching so stay tuned.

Bye Bye

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