Atomic+ News

Hey everybody,
Hope there is still some people following me here on the blog as it have been long time since I wrote anything new but don’t worry I was away this time working on my new games. If anyone follows me on twitter (@amidos2006) he would probably know the running projects and he probably know that I have been working on Atomic+ for more than a month nearly two months.

I was aiming this year to submit Crappy Dreams as usual to IGF 2014 but I didn’t work on it as I wanted finish Atomic+ very fast and show the beta version to the public because I was going to show it at A Maze Festival at Johannesburg and also at Gamer’s Day in Riyadh.


Quick Review from the death

Hey All,
Long time since the last update about 2 or 3 weeks I think :S I am sorry about that but I was so busy organizing the first Arabic GameJam held in Egypt where the main host of the event is GameTako (Arabic online game portal where it host arabic games) so I am sorry for that.

I am sure you are asking did I make a game in the jam? since I was handling some organization stuff so I had only 1 day and half to create the game so I cooperated with Ahmed Saker (a fellow indie developer here in Egypt) and Ahmed Mounir (an amazing artist and he is behind all the game art) to try to finish the game but he couldn’t do that as we were using Unity3D and I am somehow not familiar with it so I was not speedy in working so we only finished a prototype of the engine and submit it.


Crappy Dreams Announcement and Clean’Em Up Website

From the title my new game will be called Crappy Dreams, I have talked a little bit about it in my 100th Post, I will keep you updated by all the process of its design and its development on (Tigsource Forum DevLog) and at same time whenever there is a major update will post about it here or a major design issue 🙂

Crappy Dreams:
This game is an experimental game, and its inspired from Dys4ia and POP methodology experiment 1. The game will consists of 5 dreams. These dreams are divided into sub-dreams where you play them in shuffled order but maintaining same order of sub-dreams (means if dream one have d11 and d12 sub-dreams and dream 2 is d21 and d22 sub-dreams, we can randomize them but we must keep d22 after d21 and d12 after d11).


100th Post (Huge Post)

Hey All
This gonna be the largest post of all time, which will make you remember old days when I was writing about lots of stuffs and concepts and lots of amazing things.

This post is so long so if you are busy now you can check it later as it will took alot of time to check everything in it and this post will be starting for series of posts which gonna talk about my career and my coming games and my thoughts.

Let’s Start the post with some music and tracks from games that you must buy them without hesitation, these tracks are so beautiful that you must at least check them