PCG in my Games

Hello everybody,
Long time with no posts or updates here. It seems like desert, sorry for that but I am sure people who follow me on twitter knows I was busy with my Master’s Thesis in Procedural Content Generation (PCG). I have always used PCG in my games as an excuse for being lazy and not designing levels (as I am not amazing level designer). In this post I will wrap up quickly some of the PCGs I used in my games. In the next post will talk about PCG in my Master’s Thesis.

As most of people noticed lots of my arcade games used PCG especially top down shooters (Clean’Em Up and Alone in the Park). All these games don’t have levels designed in advance, but instead they have enemy numbers and types to be generated. The system afterwards choose the most suitable location (away from the player position) and insert them. Pace Maker was a little different where the system generates the types and numbers based on the level of difficulty so as difficulty increase the number of enemies and variety of types increased.


Atomic+ Android Version

Hello Everybody,
Happy Feast for all Muslims in entire world and celebrating that I released Atomic+ on Google Play Store. Hope people will love it.


So to keep it short just tell your friends and go buy the game 😀 YaaaaaY 😀 The game is on 50% discount for limited time so what are you waiting for 🙂 Go Go Go 🙂 (Link)

That’s everything for now 🙂

Bye Bye


Game Development BootCamp Talk

Hello Everyone,
Sorry for being away still trying to get out of depression but at same time I made a talk for an event called Game Development BootCamp in Egypt in Alexandria (a city on the north coast) I went there with my game developers / designers friends and I enjoyed it because it was really good time to get away from everything and try to get out of depression it helped somehow but I keep going back and back to depression but don’t worry I am getting out from that.

Here a recorded video about the talk (The talk is in Arabic so I will post the slides with English explanation to everything in here as I done with A Maze talk)


Long time and all I got is Repeat

Hello All,
I apologize for long time not writing here and not writing anything about Atomic+ or what happens with sales and all these things but really forgive me. I was straggling and still straggling from some problems (life, mental, work, family, country …etc) So I was in a deep shitty place in my mind and I am trying to get out of it.


That’s why I made Repeat to help me get out from what happening to me, You should believe people when they say that games have healing power (Yes it is) and especially making them. I know the prototype game Repeat is not amazing as everyone expect from the Creator of Atomic+ (btw that idea what made me down more that I always been afraid to let people down specially after my last game Colors & Numbers which was very badly designed) but I think it was worth experimenting and worth to be tried. Repeat is inspired by Blek, Impasse and Snazzle, I don’t want to talk about it a lot I just want you to go and try it better.


Atomic+ is Out

Hey All,
The post name is very clear 😀 Atomic+ is finally out today 🙂 I guess lots of people now are crashing their fingers with their screens to evade bullets and getting squares.

My musician Agent Whiskers got 90 score in the game using Full control scheme which is very highscore and he bets he will be the first to get 100 before anyone else can.


The game is on App Store for 0.99$ till the end of the year then it will be back to its original price 1.99$ afterwards. Also if you loved the game music you can buy it from Bandcamp for 3$


Match a Number Release Date

Hey All,
As the title says its Match a Number Release Date on 14 November 😀 YaaaaaaaY 😀 which is next Thursday 😀 YaaaaaaaaY 😀 I hope you are excited as I am too 🙂 The game will be for 0.99$ for the launch week then return to its price which is 1.99$


The game will feature 3 modes and Thanks to Danny Day from QCFDesign for making the 3rd mode (Multiplayer) happens 🙂 without him I will never though about it at all.


Also today GameJolt contest started and the theme is PARTY and there is lots of prizes to get and my two commercial games (Atomic+ and Match a Number) are part of the prizes too with amazing games by my favorite indie developers.


Atomic+ News

Hey everybody,
Hope there is still some people following me here on the blog as it have been long time since I wrote anything new but don’t worry I was away this time working on my new games. If anyone follows me on twitter (@amidos2006) he would probably know the running projects and he probably know that I have been working on Atomic+ for more than a month nearly two months.

I was aiming this year to submit Crappy Dreams as usual to IGF 2014 but I didn’t work on it as I wanted finish Atomic+ very fast and show the beta version to the public because I was going to show it at A Maze Festival at Johannesburg and also at Gamer’s Day in Riyadh.


Atomic a New game in 48hours

Hey All,

I just finished and published my new game Atomic (was made for the GameDesign Workshop by Mario Von RickenBach). The game is inspired by Super Crate Box and Super Hexagon at same time (and for sure inspired from my game Chaotic).

Collect squares, avoid bullets and survive for longest time. It’s easy one button game so go try it. It’s now on my three amazing sites

  • Newgrounds with medals
  • Kongregate
  • GameJolt with medals