Long time and all I got is Repeat

Hello All,
I apologize for long time not writing here and not writing anything about Atomic+ or what happens with sales and all these things but really forgive me. I was straggling and still straggling from some problems (life, mental, work, family, country …etc) So I was in a deep shitty place in my mind and I am trying to get out of it.


That’s why I made Repeat to help me get out from what happening to me, You should believe people when they say that games have healing power (Yes it is) and especially making them. I know the prototype game Repeat is not amazing as everyone expect from the Creator of Atomic+ (btw that idea what made me down more that I always been afraid to let people down specially after my last game Colors & Numbers which was very badly designed) but I think it was worth experimenting and worth to be tried. Repeat is inspired by Blek, Impasse and Snazzle, I don’t want to talk about it a lot I just want you to go and try it better.

Sorry again for all this I will get better soon and will work on Atomic+ Android port to be published soon. For Repeat I published it on my beloved 3 portals

Have fun for now and I promise you I will write about everything happened to me in the past few months and I am really sorry for letting any of you down

Bye Bye

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