Atomic a New game in 48hours

Hey All,

I just finished and published my new game Atomic (was made for the GameDesign Workshop by Mario Von RickenBach). The game is inspired by Super Crate Box and Super Hexagon at same time (and for sure inspired from my game Chaotic).

Collect squares, avoid bullets and survive for longest time. It’s easy one button game so go try it. It’s now on my three amazing sites

  • Newgrounds with medals
  • Kongregate
  • GameJolt with medals
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    Chaotic new game for GameJolt Contest

    Hey All,
    Sorry for not posting here for long time but I am too busy and was somehow depressed so I didn’t work a lot on gaming projects but I took opportunity and made a game for GameJolt Contest 9 called Chaotic.

    The game is now online over my 3 lovely sites

    That’s everything for now 🙂

    Bye Bye