DivCircle new game for Mobile devices

From the name of the post its already known that I am working on a new game called DivCirlce for mobile devices (iOS, Android) The game was done for Arabic GameJam 2014 theme Invisibility (Btw I didn’t attend the AGJ because I couldn’t get a visa before travel) I worked on the game from here in Egypt at same time of the gamejam.


Thanks to Samer he showed the game to people there and get some nice feedback from them which made me very happy and thought to put more work on it and use the talents of my amazing musician and brother Essam El-Ghamdi (Agent Whiskers).


Loss: New game made for GameTako Zanga

Hey All,

I have finished a small game made for GameTako Zanga with Samer Abbas (Middle East Gamejam) called Loss (the theme of the gamejam was Lost) the game is just an expression about some stuffs I suffered during my life and still happening to me.

The game is now online on

Hope you like the game and that’s everything for now.

Bye Bye


Mindless GameJolt GameJam 3 Entry

Hey All,
As usual I am telling you at the start of the post that It has been too long since last post and I update my twitter faster than that blog so if you want to know faster updates follow me on twitter (@amidos2006).

I think I became a little expected and repetitive on the starting of any of my blog post so I tried to repeat it this time in a new way 😛

Recently I entered GameJolt GameJam 3 but unfortunately I didnt notice that the jam started 2 days before so I didn’t manage to submit on time so I worked on it for about 48 hours but not like a jam it is distributed on several days.


Quick Review from the death

Hey All,
Long time since the last update about 2 or 3 weeks I think :S I am sorry about that but I was so busy organizing the first Arabic GameJam held in Egypt where the main host of the event is GameTako (Arabic online game portal where it host arabic games) so I am sorry for that.

I am sure you are asking did I make a game in the jam? since I was handling some organization stuff so I had only 1 day and half to create the game so I cooperated with Ahmed Saker (a fellow indie developer here in Egypt) and Ahmed Mounir (an amazing artist and he is behind all the game art) to try to finish the game but he couldn’t do that as we were using Unity3D and I am somehow not familiar with it so I was not speedy in working so we only finished a prototype of the engine and submit it.