100th Post (Huge Post)

Hey All
This gonna be the largest post of all time, which will make you remember old days when I was writing about lots of stuffs and concepts and lots of amazing things.

This post is so long so if you are busy now you can check it later as it will took alot of time to check everything in it and this post will be starting for series of posts which gonna talk about my career and my coming games and my thoughts.

Let’s Start the post with some music and tracks from games that you must buy them without hesitation, these tracks are so beautiful that you must at least check them


The Power OST is out

Hey All,
Good news 🙂 my friends Pgil & Brother Android has just published The Power OST on Bandcamp for free 🙂 go grab a copy quickly 🙂 for this amazing chiptune music 🙂 (link)

That’s all for now 🙂

Bye Bye