Amidos Puzzle Collection Exclusive for Bundle in a Box

Hey All,

I have created grouped 5 of my five best five games and wrapped them in one package exclusive for Cerebral Bundle of Bundle in a Box and I don’t think I will release it 🙂 its just exclusive for Bundle in a Box so go fast grab a copy before its too late (6 days left).

The puzzle collection contains (Connect, Robotic Arm, Balls, Snazzle, Evil Goat) with each game with at least 15 level 🙂 Hope u will like it 🙂 so go grab a copy of Bundle in a Box and support indies by buying their games and adding more money for Indie Dev Grant and also helping charity.


Evil Goat LudumDare 25 Result

Hey All,
This is a very short post so don’t worry 😀 not like previous one 😉

Just wanted to say that Evil Goat is ranked 21 overall in LudumDare 25 and ranked 10 in Fun Category 😀 which is super amazing I never got high in LudumDare like that one although I am still thinking Don’t Push the Button is far more better than Evil Goat.

Here are the results of Evil Goat:

  • #10 Fun 3.95
  • #21 Overall 3.95
  • #109 Graphics 3.74
  • #189 Humor 3.06
  • #254 Theme 3.45
  • #260 Mood 2.97
  • #261 Audio 2.73
  • #283 Innovation 3.05

Thanks everyone who voted for the game and I hope that 2013 is better than 2012 and make better games and may be get some money from them 🙂


Evil Goat New Game & it’s Walkthrough

Hey All,
I know its a bit late as usual to tell you about my new game Evil Goat which is made for LudumDare25 (You are a Villain).

For sure you knew from twitter about it when I was making it but I was a bit busy to post here about it and at same time I wanted to post here after sometime so I can test every level and be sure the minimum is correct in each level.

Thanks to Aro769, MadMath, Guzah, Fake-Zarkel, DrominEcho, keharriso on Newgrounds for helping me to correct the minimum of most of the levels.