Top Down Super Crate Box on Portals

Hey All,

Probably you know from my twitter account (@amidos2006) or following me on Newgrounds that I have released Top Down Super Crate Box on my three beloved protals

Hope you enjoy the game and stay tuned for more games and better games this year (I hope so)

Bye Bye


Top Down Super Crate Box my Charity GameJam Entry

Hi All,
As usual long time since last post but I have been busy working on lots of stuffs 🙂 you can get faster updates about my project by following me (@Amidos2006) or faster updates about All my Balls by tracking the TIGSource thread.

Two days ago @McFunkypants started a miniLD for charity (which is first Charity LudumDare) called Charity GameJam (more details).

So I participated in it and finished a NES version of Super Crate Box but in Top Down shooter way inspired by Dromad (Connor Ullmann) so go try it now on Charity GameJam Website 🙂