Kabba (Arabic Game) And Game Updates

Hey All,
First Thing I am announcing an Arabic Game called Kabba(Syrian Food) for GameTako website where all its revenue will go as donations for Syria and I hope it gets lots of money :). Kabba game is Ta’mya game (same game engine) but different graphics and thanks for Ali GameTako Graphics Designer for amazing graphics created.

Second thing Jesper Post a cool guy played The Power and made a large map for the game connecting all rooms with each other 🙂 nice work 🙂 from him but it is a spoiler by the way so if you didn’t play the game yet don’t look at it unless you got stuck and wanna know where to go next 🙂


EvilQuest and Relation to The Power and The Power reviews

Hey All
I didn’t work today because at the morning I was at college monitoring students at exam 🙂 and when I returned I decided to purchase EvilQuest as I tried the demo I love it looks like a zelda like game with awesome boss fights so I decided I should buy and also its cheap only 2$.

I played it for 1:15 hour by now 🙂 finished near half the game but what I can say about the game that its more like The Power with some RPG elements and spells and potions.

So if you liked the power so you will love this game as its larger and made in top down (more action in my view). So why I am saying it looks like The Power first of all the game is divided in areas which is like the power (I know lots of games have areas) but the areas here have some similarities with the power areas (Snow Area, Caves, Sewer (looks like water levels)).