Some Game Footage :)

Hey all,
Just quick post about some game reviews I have got 🙂

First game was The Power as Pixel Prospector reviewed the original game made by Alexitron and referred to the flash version being in sponsoring on FGL and here is the link and video where they were showing the game 🙂

Also a friend of mine (KniteBlargh a nice artist and he is talented) played my recent game Zebalooz and wrote a very nice review about the game 🙂 the review is so nice 🙂 so check it up (link)

This is for now 🙂 stay tune 🙂 for more updates.


Zebalooz is out

Hey all,
Lets start the new year publishing Zebalooz 🙂 the game had a music track done by easyname 🙂 and it sounds amazing and fits with the game and new graphics from Tomas Barrios (an amazing pixel artist friend where he done the graphics for Mountainer & Project Cupid) and also added some new stuff like highscore table and sewer manholes and some graphic effects :).

Here the new banner for the game 🙂

Since the game was intially made for GameTako GameZanga so I though it will be free game and just put it for non exclusive license on FlashGameLicense


How Zebalooz is created for GameZanga

Hey all,

I know that this post is not interesting at all but I wanted to share how Zebalooz was made for the GameZanga as its my first time I submit a game to a GameJam every year I participate but never submit (ex: U.F.O.)

First of all after I know that the Theme was Social Problems (@Thursday 15/12/2011 00:00 CTL) I start thinking about problems and the two most problems that take control of my brain were She7ata problem in Egypt (people that doesn’t work and want money from you (begging problem)) and the second one was about Sayes problem (Its another form of begging but instead of asking money he stands beside the sidewalk and help you to park your car a little although you can park it and ask you for money)


Zebalooz new game

Hey all,
I have participated in an arabic GameJam called (GameZanga) hosted by GameTako website where the theme was Social Problems like Stealing, Marriage Difficulties, Poverty…etc.

I decided to make a game about Garbage called Zebalooz its written in arabic so I will explain it here “you need to avoid garbage from falling on you or hit by car or stop from stop moving forward and your controls is the arrow or WASD and Space bar for jumping.

These are all entries of the competition if anyone want to try other games from the GameJam here is the (link) but I have a request can you vote for my game as my game is down rated and the rating will affect the results of the GameJam competition. Here is the (link) again.