Some Game Footage :)

Hey all,
Just quick post about some game reviews I have got 🙂

First game was The Power as Pixel Prospector reviewed the original game made by Alexitron and referred to the flash version being in sponsoring on FGL and here is the link and video where they were showing the game 🙂

Also a friend of mine (KniteBlargh a nice artist and he is talented) played my recent game Zebalooz and wrote a very nice review about the game 🙂 the review is so nice 🙂 so check it up (link)

This is for now 🙂 stay tune 🙂 for more updates.


Long Long Long Long Long Long Post and Ago Since Last Post

Hey all,
I can only say that its long long time this time more than every time before :S.

But really it was out of my hands as in my country every person have brothers must go to serve the military for at least one year which something sucks :S so I was busy in finishing some papers + I was trying to work hard on my new Collab Project With Alexitron trying to finish it before going to serve in the military, besides I was some how depressed because I dont want to go serving I just wanna make games 🙂 and Hang with you guys even on the blog here (which is virtual hanging).


Huge Chunk of News

Hi All,

I am totally sorry for long not updating the Blog but I was so busy and I had lots of work and exams till now I am too busy but I managed to sneak with some little time to write a large and nice blog 🙂

First news if anyone noticed that PaceMaker FP changed from InDev to Complete Games and now waiting for Sponsorshipping.

Since I have evolved in the community of FGL to Level2 so they gave me 5 First Impression to use I was pretty confident from my game from developper feedback (take a look) here are some of the feedback:


Nice News

Hi All,

When I opened my mail today I found that Pixel Prospector website have featured my game Mailure

They made a nice youtube vedio for it

Hope you like these stuffs

Thats all for now I am so happy for that feature 🙂