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Hello everyone,

Before I start, I just want to say, this post is reflecting my own opinions about different game engine and it is not intended to be taken beyond that scope.

I had a chat with Dan (a friend of mine at the Game Innovation Lab) about how many new game developers don’t know a lot about different game engines. Once the discussion ended, he asked me to post about game engines, and rate them according to difficulty and complexity. Nowadays there are more game engines than in the early days of indiegame development. The funny thing is only a few of them are popular such as Unity, Unreal Engine, and Game Maker.

To list all engines, I am going to divide them into categories: Educational (made for children), Specialized (for a single genre/type of games), and Generic engines. This categorization is just to help you find the best tool for what you are doing, but really any tool that allows you to add some programming, either by writing code or using logic trees (logic trees are a way of programming by building a tree of conditions), can be used to create any game. The problem is using any of these tools outside its intended scope is harder than using an other tool. Engines vary in popularity. Popular game engines have a big user base which helps a lot when you have bugs. While using unpopular engine can be a good thing as you work very close to the developers themselves and you can request changes easier from them. Also, these developer can help you in promoting your game more than popular engines because the success of your game is also reflect the success of their engine.

Warning, this is a long post and if you don’t have time, you can jump to a summary table that outlines them all at the end of the post (link).

Educational Engines:

These are tools designed to encourage people to design games and to help them to learn how to do it.

  • Bitsy (http://ledoux.io/bitsy/editor.html): is a simple browser based game editor that doesn’t need any coding or even logic. The tool itself has predefined types of sprites and actions. The user needs only to draw different images and define dialogues for each game character, connect everything together, and TADAAAAAA, you finished a simple html game. All games created by it are topdown story based games where the player can talk to different objects.
  • Dungeon Decorator (https://lorenschmidt.itch.io/dungeon-decorator): is similar to Bitsy, except it designs platformers. The user needs to design the map, some dialogues, and they have a game. All games created by the tool are platformer story based games where the player can talk to different objects.
  • Scratch (https://scratch.mit.edu/): is an MIT tool that helps children to create stories, animation, and games. The tool allows you to program your own logic, by designing logic trees and attaching them to different objects in the scene. Scratch is more generic than you can expect, but it is hard to design very complicated games using it. Scratch produces html games to be played in the web, and all the created games are hosted on their website. You can check their top games here (https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/121998/)

Specialized Engines:

These are tools designed to prototype certain game genres/types in a very fast/efficient way.

Generic Engines:

These are the most generic tools to create games. Unity, Unreal, and Game Maker are part of it, but they are not everything. Always choose the tool that is suitable for the project and for your capabilities. Don’t pick a tool that needs programming if you are not good at it. Don’t worry: all generic tools can do everything, so just pick what fits you.

These are some of the game engines that have a neat and nice IDE to help you in developing. There is other game engines that I didn’t list because they are only code based. Some of these engine are popular between game developers such as Phaser (JavaScript), PlayCanvas (JavaScript), LibGDX (Java), Defold (Lua), Flixel (ActionScript), OpenFl (HaXe), MonoGame (C#), FlashPunk (ActionScript), HaxeFlixel (HaXe), Starling (ActionScript), HaxePunk (HaXe), Love (Lua), Otter (C#), Ogre3D (C++) and etc. There are more engines out there than most people know. This game engine list is sorted by how complex the engine is, then how famous the engine is. Now, after knowing about all these, you have to choose wisely what fits you.

The following table summarize all the tools (All generic tools can be used for 2D or 3D games.):

Engine Name Type Coding


Target Outputs Popularity Cost
Bitsy Educational (2D Story based Topdown) No Web IDE HTML5 Not popular Free
Dungeon Decorator Educational (2D Story based Platformer) No Web IDE HTML5 only in the program Not popular Free
Scratch Educational (2D Generic) No Web IDE HTML5 only in the program Popular between children Free
Twine Specific (Interactive Stories) Optional (Javascript) Web IDE HTML5 Popular Free
ChoiceScript Specific (Interactive Stories) No Any text editor HTML5 Popular Free
Ink Specific (Interactive Stories) No Win / Mac / Linux Any Target Moderate Free
Inform Specific (Interactive Stories) No Win / Mac / Linux HTML5 Moderate Free
Adventure Game Studio Specific (2D Point Click Adventure) No Win Win Moderate Free
RPG in a Box Specific (3D RPG) No Win / Mac / Linux Win / Mac / Linux Not popular $20
RPG Maker Specific (2D JRPG) Optional (Ruby / Javascript) Win / Mac Crossplatform Moderate Limited ($80)
PuzzleScript Specific (2D Turnbase Puzzle) No Web IDE HTML5 Moderate Free
Construct 2 Generic (2D) No Win Crossplatform Popular Limited ($100)
Stencyl Generic (2D) Optional (HaXe) Win / Mac / Linux Crossplatform Popular Limited ($100)
Game Maker Generic (2D) Optional (GML) Win Crossplatform Popular Limited (>$99)
Multimedia Fusion 2.5 Generic (2D) No Win Crossplatform Moderate Limited (>$100)
GDevelop Generic (2D) No Win / Mac / Linux / iOS / Android Crossplatform Not popular Free
Gamesalad Generic (2D) No Win/Mac Crossplatform Not popular Subscription ($17)
Gamebuilder Studio Generic (2D) No Win / Mac Crossplatform Not popular Limited ($100)
Buildbox Generic (2D) No Win/Mac Crossplatform Not popular Subscription ($99)
Voxatron Generic (3D) Not sure Win/Mac/Linux HTML5 Not popular $20
Pico-8 Generic (2D) Yes (Lua) Win / Mac / Linux HTML5 Moderate $15
PixelVision 8 Generic (2D) Yes (Lua) Win / Mac / Linux Crossplatform Not popular $10
Unity Generic (2D/3D) Yes (C#/JavaScript) Win / Mac / Linux Crossplatform Popular Free (Subscription >$35)
Unreal Engine Generic (3D) Yes (C++) Win / Mac Crossplatform Popular Free (pay %5 revenue)
Cryengine Generic (3D) Yes (Lua) Win Win / Linux / Xbox / PS4 Moderate Subscription (>$50)
Cocos Creator Generic (2D) Yes (JavaScript or CoffeeScript) Win / Mac Crossplatform Moderate Free
MightyEditor Generic (2D) Yes (JavaScript) Web IDE Crossplatform High Subscription (>$5)
Phaser Editor Generic (2D) Yes (JavaScript) Win / Linux Crossplatform High 1 Year Free (>$45)
Superpowers Generic (2D/3D) Yes (Typescript) Win / Mac / Linux HTML5 Not popular Free
Godot Generic (2D/3D) Yes (Python) Win / Mac / Linux Crossplatform Not popular Free

In the end, I would love to thank my friends Gabriella Barros and Dan Gopstein for all their effort, feedback and help in creating this post.

Bye Bye
Ahmed Khalifa


AmidosEngine: a FlashPunk inspired game engine based on Starling

Hello Everybody,
That’s a short quick post 🙂 I have decided to release my game engine I have been using for all my mobile games lately and desktop games to the internet.

I designed that engine to be fast and quick way to make games based on concepts of FlashPunk but at same time used Starling so it can render very fast on mobile devices making use of the new Stage3D rendering.

I know there are lots of better engines out there but I didn’t find any engine that resemble FlashPunk very well that’s why I build my engine over Starling, I will continue updating it with each game I create whenever I find a need for something, I will create it.

I know the name is very narcissistic because I used my name in it, I know but I am bad at names so I named it after myself (Sorry for that) and Thanks for Chevy Ray and Starling for making it possible.

Hope someone can find it useful and help him to make better games, That’s everything for now 🙂

github: https://github.com/amidos2006/AmidosEngine
github Page: http://amidos2006.github.io/AmidosEngine/

Bye Bye


Long Long Long Long Long Long Post and Ago Since Last Post

Hey all,
I can only say that its long long time this time more than every time before :S.

But really it was out of my hands as in my country every person have brothers must go to serve the military for at least one year which something sucks :S so I was busy in finishing some papers + I was trying to work hard on my new Collab Project With Alexitron trying to finish it before going to serve in the military, besides I was some how depressed because I dont want to go serving I just wanna make games 🙂 and Hang with you guys even on the blog here (which is virtual hanging).

First lets talk about my projects 🙂 before talking about indie game world.

First thing about Mountainer 🙂 the new graphics made by Tomas Barrios is nearly finished and it looks stunning.

Here are some screenshots in the new version compared to the old version and tell me what do u think(press on the picture to enlarge it)

Second thing I will talk more about my Collab Game its…………….
Take a guess, Its a nice game made by Alexitron. No one hate this game all people love it, and its talking about treasure hunter …… Do u know it? its easy ….. very famous and nice and amazing ….

Your Right its a port for The Power game 🙂 YaaaaaaaaaaaaY and its not exactly the same game, some parts of the game have been redesigned and altered to be more amazing to play now around 70% of the game is finished.

By the way I am the programmer for the game, Alexitron is the Graphic and Game Designer for this amazing game, Brother Android and Pgil are the musician for the game 🙂 Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay its amazing group I work with 🙂 isn’t it????

Here are some pictures of the game … and soon I will make a sponsor video and gameplay video 🙂 for the game.

The game is tested by the help of Poppenkast community and it gets nice and amazing feedback here are they:

– Andy: hey yeah, i’ve heard of Amidos. He’s cool and he’s really active in the indie world and just overall has a good presence. good luck on the project, guys!
– Andrew: this is exciting. good luck buddy, keep us posted!
– Stampede: Super! The Power was really good game. You gonna get lots of players with this!
– Pgil: Sounds like things are going nice. I loved the Power…
– DeadHeat: The power was great fun, hopefully this one goes just as well
– Br.Android: The Power is awesome by the way.
– Br.Android: Also also, this project is turning into basically an orgy of talent, and that’s superexciting.
– Alexitron: Awesome ! Amidos is so cool to work with
– ChevyRay: Lookin great babe.
– Andrew: this is shaping up great.

At last the game features lots of simple and small tracks that are really nice. So I am thinking that we should publish after the game finish The Power OST 🙂 WOW 🙂

This my Gaming news lets now go to the indie world 😀 YaaaaaaaaaaY

First thing About TGS (Tokyo Game Show) This show is amazing I wish I can attend it 🙂 I watch lots of videos about the show and its really amazing here is a video I dlove talking about the TGS.

Isnt that amazing.

First lets talk about Game Engines

Unity 3 is now published and its looking amazing what it can do go quick and check it (link).

Pixel Prospector have made a list contains all tools and stuff that any game designer or developer or any person needs to make a complete game starting from engine till utilities that any person needs. Here is the link go and check it.

Another engine thats supports IPod touch and IPhone and IPad called Esenthel go and check it. It really looks nice.

Last thing is an HTML 5 Game Engine Called Impact (it isn’t released yet) but the developper made a very nice game called Biolab Disaster really amazing what HTML 5 can do.

I think there is more but I think thats enough for Game Engines and lets go to some cool discounts on games and nice stuff.

VVVVVV is now on discounted price 5$ per copy, you really must grab one go now (link).

Also Vertigo Gaming make a combo pack which is amazing you must go and check it (link).

I think this is the only valid deal as all the others by time expired.

First its the first time an Indie Game will have a short movie for here.
Do any one know a game called rComplex ?? if yes, This game will get a movie soon and here is a trailer for it.

Lets talk abit about game music.

Jables Adventure game OST is now out and you can download it by now here is a video contains the music (download the OST).

Also PPPPPP the soundtrack for the famous game VVVVVV you can get it by donating either 4$ or 10$ which is so cheap for this nice chiptune music. (go and get it now)

Now lets get for the interviews :O Wow 🙂

First is a series of video interview with Edmund Mcmillen and Tommy Refenes the creators of The Super Meat Boy.

Next is a text interview with IGF chairman here is the link.

Also Infinite Ammo Studios made interview with Adam Saltsman (audio interview which is nice)(link).

Also it made an interview with Edmund go and check it(link).

Last thing is a nice video for shooter games, nice games so see it.

Thats enough for now as I am tired of writing, Hope that post make you forgive me for this long period.

Bye Bye