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Hey all,
How are you all 🙂 I hope u are in good health 🙂 This is the fastest time I post since longtime ago where I used to do that 🙂

First of all, I am going to talk about my own projects Hello World! no progress at all :S but PaceMaker FP I made some types of bullet waves also I made two types of enemies right now 🙂

As spoiling stuff I designed on papers 17 types of enemies 🙂 Hope to get them done soon 🙂 I know some of u may want some screens but I dont think I will do that right now so as not to spoil more stuff 🙂

Also another thing about PaceMaker FP 🙂 that BauAir Studios (a talent guy caled Mikeal) geneoursly accepted to make music for Pace Maker FP which is a very nice thing :).

Lets go to indie scene and some other stuff I liked 🙂

First there is free tickets for Casual Connect Conferene at Seattle 🙂 and mochimedia is supporting this tickets for more info here is a link.

Second thing Sakis25 a fellow developper using GameMaker but he is really amazing(He is the one behind Zoo Escape 3D in last YoYoGames Compo) 🙂 he posted on his blog about a trailer for something called Mortal Combat Rebirth which is a trailer to a movie but made very well take a look 🙂

Also the next video is nice video for Stensil painting where he paint a monster from a game called Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Last stuff is some pixel art I was trying long time ago more than a month 🙂
Check them and tell me your opinion 🙂

I know that this post is shallow but I wanted to talk 🙂
That all for now 🙂


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