Call for Help

Hi All,

long time as usual :), But you by time know that I am totally busy :S which is so bad :S

About the Hello World! project, An artist from Pixelation called Tomas Barrios and he is very talented 🙂 here is a link to some of his work, I am not sure if he will work after he knows all details of work or will need a large chunck of money :-?? Hope that he helps us 🙂

About PaceMaker FlashVersion I finished a large shot from previous time 🙂
here is some screen shots 🙂

The remaining parts are the music I wished Heatex is free to make some music for me but he had exams and working with rotten_tatter on some cool projects.

So I told Heatex if he become free before I finish the project tell me 🙂 if no may be I will search for a musician 🙂

Another thing Lucidrine is now hiring new artist and flash developpers for full time job so if you are intersted see this link for further details 🙂

At the end Knite a known artist on GameJolt (he really is nice person and his art is so cool) on his blog says that an artist called extvia will make tutorial on drawing using GIMP so I am waiting for it 🙂

There is a charity bundle from amazing indie games creators 🙂 don’t hesitate and go buy it 🙂 its so amazing 🙂 here is a video for further details

Also FlashPunk v1.00 has been launched I wish I can use it but changing lots of code made for FlashPunk v0.87 to v1.00 is huge :S
So my next game will use it. Here is a link for further details.

2BeeGames has changed its name to be IndiePub and it launches its 3rd Competition 🙂 for grand prize 100,000$ 😀 which is an amazing chunck of money for further details see this link.

Last thing Daniel Remar creator of Iji game 🙂 have launched his new amazing game Hero Core its an amazing game u should all try it 🙂

Thats everything now 🙂 Hope I can continue working on all my projects 🙂

Wish to me good luck and if there is interseted musician for either any of my projects Hello World! or PaceMaker FP reply on this post or send to me email on

Bye for now 🙂

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