Longest Ever Post I think For the New Year (2011)

Hey All,
First this is a very very very very long time since I post, but I was really busy and still busy but now less busy than before.
The reason I was away was due to army first I was away for 50 days in my training camp then when I returned I go everyday from 5:00 am and return home at 6:00 pm working for army so I reach home tired and go for sleep directly or see a movie and sleep.
No big deals and what make it worse for me that I am have collegue post graduate studies and I was having exams and I didnt study well because of the army.


Thats was long long time

Hi All Followers,
I know that it was long time since my last appear here on the blog but I was too busy and still too busy but I decided to make a very quick post for all my followers and friends who still check my blog.

I was saying that I am going to participate in YoYoGames 5th Competition with my game NightGuard I started working on it till I make a very descent engine but afterwards I stopped alittle due to my military training but when I finish the training, me and graduation project team where having a presentation that must be finished in two weeks maximum so we were working so hard these days and I didnt study anything during these days till we made a very descent presentation where lots of people love and we get good marks.


News On Fly

Hey all, First of all some Compo News. First The Ludum Dare 16 Compo is now launched

Theme: Exploration

DeadLine: 16 December More Info: link

Assemblee Compo:
Second is Part two of Assemblee Compo is now running where lots of graphical asset can be found here is a link contain all the graphical asset in the game so for more info about the compo you can get to the site through this link 🙂 for getting all graphical asset and other music and sound sfx take alook at this link too.

Other news about GameMaker and YoYoGames the new GM8 logo will not be changed any more as Sandy said and here is the latest version of it (In my view the orginal logo have more professional look than that but doesnt describe GameMaker at all)


A News Cocktail :D

Hi All,
There aren’t lots of news by the time so I will tell you what I have for now 🙂

First is that the day I said that the IGF finals will appear I mistaken in my writting I meant that this day is the day to view all the entries for the IGF.

As you see from this link 🙂 Bactoriam is their so which me luck (although I know It won’t be qualified for finals as there are lots of other games so amazing 🙂 here is a link to see all others)

Also there are some bad news I have heared. The famous hosting site for all GameMaker People (WillHostForFood) is now down due to some financial issues so if you want it back just donate.


New Game Release: Mailure

Hi All,
Long enough since I posted here thats because I didnt have anything to write about also I didnt want to spoil my new Game (Mailure).

I think that is super great news I released a new game with no geometrical graphics it is totally pixel art made by me 🙂


You play with naughty boy at school who always fails at exams. So the principal of his school decided to send a mail to his mother, but sending one mail is not enough because the boy may stole it from the postman.
So the principal decides to send lots of mails till the boy’s mother call the principal.


Bunch of News

Hey All,

I return today from Alexandria (a city in Egypt) during my stay there I started my new game which I will participate with it in GameCog contest Hope to finish it soon for the competition :).

I will give you a hint about it, its a shooter game in a new way.
First although lots may knew about that so far but I totally forgot to say the new version of GameMaker 8 beta is out if you like to test it. The features are the same but some bugs were fixed here is a list of the fixed bugs(link) 🙂


GameMaker v8 beta version is released

Hi All,

Wow, the beta version is out you can get it and test it and report the bugs to yoyogames.com
So go now and sign up for a beta testing account on the website (link).

After Signing for an account a verification mail is send to you after confirming the mail and fill some information you will find Get Beta in upper left press on it and downlod GM8 Beta now

For more information visit: YoYo Games Glog

Bye Bye


GameMaker Legends

Hey All,

I was thinking what games that can represent the power of game maker I found alot of games.
So I am going to list the best games in my view may be I won’t write them all now but I will write some of them and there links if anyone wanna try them

Spelunky Author: Derek Yu (Aquarina Artist) Spelunky is a rouge platformer game and what I like in it although its so difficult, the pixel art of the game its so fascinating 🙂 You must check it: Download here Spirits of Metropolis Author: Mr.Chubigan It is absolute the best gem game I ever played before + its graphics are so fascinating and graphic effects are totally brilliant you must give it a try, the bad news that its not a freeware game.This game can show you how gamemaker is a powerfull tool and do lots of amazing stuffs. Try it: Download here ShellBlast Author: Mr.Chubigan Do you MineSweeper its an addicting game somehow can you imagine this game become very amazing and chanllenging and there is lots of types of bombs this is ShellBlast, Also its not free but the demo is worth playing (10 levels) Download Link: here GreenTech Author: Mr.Chubigan This game is the first prize winner in 4th yoyogames competition. Its idea is totally amazing may be abit hard but its so brilliant idea 🙂

Download Link: here

ViVid Conceptions Author: Mr.Chubigan Game Music is so soft and very amazing 🙂 also the game light effects and menus are totally wonderfull + its gameplay is unique(its amazing platformer you must not let it pass without trying) Download Link: here Frozzd Author: 2D Cube The game won the first place in the 1st yoyogames competition its idea and graphics and gameplay are all master pieces so you can’t miss it Download Link: here Ancient Ants Author: RedSystem The game is the 1st place winner in the 2nd YoYoGames competition its so exciting and you will play it for hors of fun Download Link: here CaveMan Carig Author: RhysAndrews The Game is so brilliant and he made a special edition from it for 5$ but the original version is for free. This game is so exciting you must try it. and it take 2nd place winner in 2nd competition of YoYoGames Download Link: here I think thats enough for one post I didnt write alot in this post because I am somehow busy right now in college work and lots of stuff but i wanted to tell all people how the GameMaker is a very great tool in creating 2d Games. When I became free after exams I will write about 3D of game maker and more games and trailers 🙂 Keep Up 🙂