Longest Ever Post I think For the New Year (2011)

Hey All,
First this is a very very very very long time since I post, but I was really busy and still busy but now less busy than before.
The reason I was away was due to army first I was away for 50 days in my training camp then when I returned I go everyday from 5:00 am and return home at 6:00 pm working for army so I reach home tired and go for sleep directly or see a movie and sleep.
No big deals and what make it worse for me that I am have collegue post graduate studies and I was having exams and I didnt study well because of the army.


So Amazing Wow Wow :O

Hi All,

I finsihed my exams yesterday so I took a rest from PC and didnt open it

But before two days I released a full version of My Pace Maker game on GameJolt website for the competition.
For the people who were in love with the game they have noticed that the updates
– Fixing bugs
– Make it winnable
– Adding Music
– Icon
– Loading screen

and the so amazing stuff that I was featured on indiegames the weblog Wow.

I cant believe myself 🙂 Wow

Thanks for all whom support me 🙂