Very Fast Short Post :D

Hey evereybody,
First of all sorry for long being away but I was doing my military service training where there is any technology in the camp for around 50 days :S so no updates happens.

By now I have lots of amazing news and lots of stuffs but I am too busy as I had to study well for my masters exam which will start at 9/1/2011 and I didnt start yet studing.

So I just wanted to announce that PaceMaker FP got a sponsor and soon will be published on internet 🙂

The second part is that Rotten Tater have published yesterday his master peice which he is participating in IGF using which is suteF 😀 its over amazing and you should try.


FlashPunk Start :)

Hey All,
Last thursday(not yesterday the one before) I have finished my midterm exam so I and my graduation project team (Hello World! Team) decided to take thursday and friday off.

And today we are going to continue working on faculty projects so last friday I decided to start coding in FlashPunk so I followed the first tutorial and see a small example made by chevy ray (The one who made FlashPunk library).

I made a simple game based on that tutorial just a rocket moving in space where it is directed with the mouse and move with up arrow and when releasing it stops due to friction also there is some random enemies generated with simple AI just search and follow player if the player exists in his range of sight and try to follow the player
Also the player can fire using left mouse button.


Pace Maker News and Some News

Hi All,

I managed to put Pace Maker on lots of gaming sites:


Beside GameJolt website.

Also I may start in new game couple of days as I had lots of ideas and don’t know which idea is rather I do it.

Also I may learn XNA development kit inorder to participate in Microsoft Contest DreamBuildPlay
You may say are you mad or crazy to participate in this competition where lots of powerful guys will be participating. I think that it will be a good experince beside I will be participating with a game with a very strange idea can’t reveal anything about it now. I may make a prototype for it using GameMaker or may be not to see the response before I made it using XNA in a better way.


New Version of PaceMaker is now released

Hi All,

Version 1.1 of Pace Maker is now released on GameJolt

The newer version features:
– Two levels of difficulties: Normal and Hard
– Supporting Arrows to move the virus for Azerty keyboards
– Highscore Table
– Some glitches fixing
– One Extra Level

Go now to the link to try the new version

Hope you liked the game.



So Amazing Wow Wow :O

Hi All,

I finsihed my exams yesterday so I took a rest from PC and didnt open it

But before two days I released a full version of My Pace Maker game on GameJolt website for the competition.
For the people who were in love with the game they have noticed that the updates
– Fixing bugs
– Make it winnable
– Adding Music
– Icon
– Loading screen

and the so amazing stuff that I was featured on indiegames the weblog Wow.

I cant believe myself 🙂 Wow

Thanks for all whom support me 🙂


New Game: Pace Maker

Hi All ,

As I said I won’t have lots of time to participate. But yesterday I said why don’t I give it a try.
I started working on the game till I found only few things remaining and I finish it so I continued today.

Then DaDaDaaaa…… Pace Maker was finished.
Pace Maker is a small shmup game here its story

Story: In 3010 the computer viruses had been evolved till it can travel through air and infect any electrical system and destroy it.

So the electrical companies had developped hardware to destroy these incoming viruses. Everything was good till Kathomee virus is released.