Pace Maker News and Some News

Hi All,

I managed to put Pace Maker on lots of gaming sites:


Beside GameJolt website.

Also I may start in new game couple of days as I had lots of ideas and don’t know which idea is rather I do it.

Also I may learn XNA development kit inorder to participate in Microsoft Contest DreamBuildPlay
You may say are you mad or crazy to participate in this competition where lots of powerful guys will be participating. I think that it will be a good experince beside I will be participating with a game with a very strange idea can’t reveal anything about it now. I may make a prototype for it using GameMaker or may be not to see the response before I made it using XNA in a better way.

Also learning XNA development kit will enable me to participate in next year Microsoft contest for students (Imagine Cup)

So if anybody of the readers interested I encourage him to participate as he will not have anything to lose if he didn’t participate.

Also learning XNA is a good thing which will help you to importing games for XBox if you wanted to go commercial and lots of other stuff.

So Give them a try.

About what I posted for the college work I think I will make another blog with the team whom made the Vinter Antivirus on their website and this Blog will be dedicated for games only I hope so 🙂


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