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Hey all,
First of all some Compo News.

First The Ludum Dare 16 Compo is now launched

Theme: Exploration

DeadLine: 16 December
More Info: link

Assemblee Compo:
Second is Part two of Assemblee Compo is now running where lots of graphical asset can be found here is a link contain all the graphical asset in the game so for more info about the compo you can get to the site through this link 🙂 for getting all graphical asset and other music and sound sfx take alook at this link too.

Other news about GameMaker and YoYoGames the new GM8 logo will not be changed any more as Sandy said and here is the latest version of it (In my view the orginal logo have more professional look than that but doesnt describe GameMaker at all)

Another news that YoYoGames will update site InfraStructure on Monday and if the update goes well the new YoYoGames 5th Competition will be launched WoWoW. For more info here is the link.

Thats for now 🙂

ByeBye 🙂

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