Some Fast News

Hey All,

Fastly I will say some new competition if anyone would like to join them 🙂

First one: RoboSquid 4 Compo

Theme: Beautiful Destruction
DeadLine: 25 December
More Info: RoboSquid

Second one: GMHype Opening Contest: Charging

Theme: Charging
DeadLine: 22 December
More Info: GMHype

Third one: BoxedLunch’s Arena Shmup Compo
Theme: Arena Shooter
DeadLine: 18 Decemeber
More Info: GameJolt

Fourth one: Zack’s Elasticity Contest

Theme: Elasticity
DeadLine: 30 December
More Info: GameJolt

Fifth one: GAMMA 4 Contest

Theme: One Button Games
DeadLine: 31 January
More Info: GAMMA 4

More News:

2BeeGames Contest ended and here are the results 🙂

Climb to the top of the Castle win 10,000$ and a contract on console platform
Vector Conflict win community favour game

For Music lovers there are three nice games have published their tracks:

1- Aquaria Tracks (link) They are so amazing you must hear them

2- Fez 3 Tracks (link)

3- Machinarium (link)

at last see this interview with InfiniteAmmo (link) is so amazing 🙂

Thats all for now 🙂 keep tune for more and more when I finish the exams 🙂


2 thoughts on “Some Fast News

  1. heheheheh 😀 the reason I made that post that I wanted to tell people about all the compos before the deadline come near 😀


    when I become depressed from studing I found time to do more stuff 🙂

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