Game Release: The Egg & The Stone (In my view Bad news)

Hi all,
You maynot understand why bad news ?? Thats easy because it is not really a game its learning game to learn what is called resolution principle a logical principal to solve logical problems.The game team was large 20 persons divided to lots of things. Although we were large but we dont work alot on this game as we were too busy in lots of other projects.

The game is finally done (without sounds or music) I was assigned me and two others to make the game graphics using XNA studio.

I draw the whole charcter set and make the design of the GUI code and classes in C# and make the integrate everything of the GUI and help in final integration in the game.

The game in my view was a horrible experience and also was not funny it still contain some bugs but these bugs are becz of the A* algo used in moving and we didnt have time to correct it.

Important Note: be sure to install CNFFont.ttf file in your windows and install XNA runtime 🙂

You can give it a try I upload it on GameJolt as usual and here is the link.

By the way the game isnot easy to be learned 🙂 you may dont understand what to do.

Also I’ve heared about a new compo on website called IndieHell.

Theme: SandBox
DeadLine: 31 Jan 2010
Link: IndieHell Contest

I wish I have some time to enter Robosquid Compo as I had an amazing idea and I want to do it 🙂
Thats all news for now 🙂


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