New Game Release: Mailure

Hi All,
Long enough since I posted here thats because I didnt have anything to write about also I didnt want to spoil my new Game (Mailure).

I think that is super great news I released a new game with no geometrical graphics it is totally pixel art made by me 🙂


You play with naughty boy at school who always fails at exams. So the principal of his school decided to send a mail to his mother, but sending one mail is not enough because the boy may stole it from the postman.
So the principal decides to send lots of mails till the boy’s mother call the principal.

So What you are waiting for Go and try it now and tell me your opinion 🙂 (Link)

This game is made for Experimental Gameplay Failure compo 🙂 Also I am going to participate with it in 2BeeGames Compo.

Another news YoYoGames starts a logo contest for GM8 where you must make a new logo for GM8 and the first prize will recieve a GM8 Pro version copy for free also will win 250$

So what are you waiting for start designing the logo 🙂

For more information here is the link

Hope that these news are Good enough to forgive me for not posting for so long 🙂


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