Mindless GameJolt GameJam 3 Entry

Hey All,
As usual I am telling you at the start of the post that It has been too long since last post and I update my twitter faster than that blog so if you want to know faster updates follow me on twitter (@amidos2006).

I think I became a little expected and repetitive on the starting of any of my blog post so I tried to repeat it this time in a new way 😛

Recently I entered GameJolt GameJam 3 but unfortunately I didnt notice that the jam started 2 days before so I didn’t manage to submit on time so I worked on it for about 48 hours but not like a jam it is distributed on several days.


Snazzle: a tribute game for Snayke game

Hey All,
Sorry for not keeping you informed about Snazzle but I was so busy this week working on Snazzle and working at faculty 🙂 In the end the game is now finished and I think it turned out very well and I hope you will like it.

It’s now online over:

That’s everything for now will post soon about some stuff when I got free time

Bye Bye


Balls (new game) is OUT!!!

Hey All,

New experimental game Balls has been finished and now its online on

Just use the mouse to aim and press to shoot your Ball, Same color Balls explode on contact, Blast all Balls.

This experimental game is different from all the other because if the prototype works well, We(Omidos) will make a large scale project called “All my Balls” and will be our(Omidos) second commercial game.

There are alot more information I want to share with you but I am busy these days so I will share them as soon as I became free again.


Explode new puzzle game is Online

Hey All,

New experimental game Explode has been finished and now its online on

Just use mouse to place bombs which explodes and moves balls toward Goal.

That’s everything for now, see you later :).

Bye Bye


Collect Enhanced version is now online :)

Hey All,
Collect my entry to LudumDare 24 is enhanced and became more easier and less repetitive is now online on my usual portals 🙂

The game now features music by Kevin Macloed and it is now better than before 🙂

P.S.: Sorry for the spelling mistake in the game title :$ its now solved 🙂

That’s everything for now 🙂

Bye Bye


Robotic Arm is out and its evolving story :)

Hey All,
As usual I didn’t find sponsor soon for my game so I decided to release it for free 🙂
The game is inspired at the first place by images from Nexus Game Studio and their upcoming game infinite.

I wanted to create a game about planets and orbiting and I started thinking and at the beginning to mix the idea of rotating planets with Don’t Push the Button zooming idea so whenever you reach a destination this destination is a part of planets that will rotate with you and the camera goes out. The rotating idea had come to me from a game I used to play it a lot at these days called These Robotic Hearts of Mine by Alan Hazelden you should check it, its free on web and there is versions for iOS and Android and Playbook.


Connect: new game made for MochiMedia contest

It has been a while since last post, I haven’t worked a lot in past few days (after Clean’Em Up release) because my morals were down due to lots of stuffs happened to me recently.

So I figured out to make a new game for MochiMedia June Contest (60 Seconds Gameplay) and I started thinking about the idea till I was cleaning my room. I found lots of my childhood magazines and comics (mickey, flash, smash) and I remembered how I always love “Connect the Dots” game in them.

So I decided to make a game as a contribution to these old days 🙂 I wanted to make something new than just connecting dots to get shape, So I inspired by Increpare Puzzles game and English Country Tune so I decided to make something with the game which have some thinking and at same time connect the dots to get a shape.


The Power landed on Kongregate, Newgrounds and GameJolt

Hey all,
Sorry for long time with no updates but I was struggling with some stuff for the Launch of Clean’Em Up 🙂 This gonna be a quick blog post.

The Power now landed on

Show it some love and tweet about that 🙂 Thanks inadvance 🙂

Bye Bye for now


Project Cupid Release

Hey All,
It’s Valentine and I thought that best thing to do on Valentine’s to publish my game Project Cupid for free on portals 🙂

I also made a surprise for that day too but Google keep me delayed 🙁 due to some problems in their paying system 🙁 but as soon as they finish I will announce about that 🙂

Here is the links for Project Cupid:

  1. Kongregate
  2. Newgrounds
  3. GameJolt

That’s everything for now 🙂



Zebalooz is out

Hey all,
Lets start the new year publishing Zebalooz 🙂 the game had a music track done by easyname 🙂 and it sounds amazing and fits with the game and new graphics from Tomas Barrios (an amazing pixel artist friend where he done the graphics for Mountainer & Project Cupid) and also added some new stuff like highscore table and sewer manholes and some graphic effects :).

Here the new banner for the game 🙂

Since the game was intially made for GameTako GameZanga so I though it will be free game and just put it for non exclusive license on FlashGameLicense