Clean’Em Up News

Hey All,
If you are following me on twitter(@amidos2006) you should know by now that Clean’Em Up passed Round 2 in Imagine Cup 2012 and we have submitted it to Round 3 and also IndieCade 2012.

This is some of Judges feedback on Round 2
First Judge “This is a very polished game. It feels like something that you might download and play from live arcade. A nice arcade shooter with upgradable.
Second Judge “This is a fun game and I enjoyed playing it.

There is some drawbacks from judges but it just something with Imagine Cup Theme.



Hey all,

How are you? I know I am slow in progressing stuff but this is because I am a Teacher Assistant at Faculty of Engineering Cairo University.

And I have finished the Premaster Courses and its time to choose a research point which is the most difficult thing 🙁 till now.

As you can see from my blog I adore games 🙂 so I wanted my research point to be related about games so I am now in searching phase for the point but I can’t find till now which make me sad 🙁 but the main two field I thought in them was real time AI and real time Graphics rendering (AI and Graphics) so if any of you have any ideas about these stuff could you plz help me and send some points to start deep searching in them 🙂


Alone in the Park (new game with Vartagh)

Hey all,
I told you there are lots of new games I am working on and most of these games are collaboration with other people 🙂

The First game that I will reveal today is Alone in the Park a game I started with Vartagh a quite talented person 🙂 so we decided to give a try and make a game and we called it Alone in the Park

Since it is still a top secret game and we don’t want to reveal any stuff from it till we finish more from it so I made a poster for it and I will leave you think about the game 🙂