:S Bad News :S

Hey All,
First I am totally sorry that I didnt post anything for long time but I started exams on past sunday and I had an exam yesterday and the days before I had to study hard 🙂

Till now I didnt start AS3 with FlashPunk hopefully I can start it soon also the progress in Night Guard has been stopped since I started studying for the exam (means two weeks ago :S) which is along time 😀

For the assemblee compo 🙂 it has come to an end and there are 73 entries that you can view them all here 🙂 there are some desecent games there 🙂 its so nice 🙂 and also the voting for best games is open and here is the link for the voting 🙂

There is a new contest running on SigmaNine.net community 🙂 its their first contest 🙂 the theme is to make a game that set on eart in the past you have 24 hours to finish the game but the deadline of the compo extends till 25 January 🙂
For more details here is the link.

There are lots of small contest on GameJolt two 🙂 beside the rogue one 🙂

Random Contest by MadMaker 🙂
Theme: make a random game
Deadline: 1st March
More details: link

Binary Code Contest by Zack 🙂
Theme: Binary numbers and codes
Deadline: 15th March
More details: link

Innovation Contest by Toadsanime 🙂
Theme: Innovation
Deadline: 14th Febrauary
More details: link

About the IGF student entries 🙂 as I usual I didnt pass to the finals (as expected :D) but the students final entries are truely amazing 🙂 here is a link to see some entries 🙂

At the last some YoYoGames compo entries are rockin’ till now 🙂 the are still indevelopment but the rocks

1- CowboyKilla is a collab between Banov and Andrew both are amazing game designers since they are now collaborating so their game also an amazing master peice you should try the demo 🙂

2- StarLoad looks descent although I couldn’t run it either on my PC or laptop it threw an Unexpected exception for some people while others dont threw 🙂 but the designer of this game (GraniteGear) make lots of amazing stuff before so I think this game will be cool 🙂

3- Extinction 3D is an amazing 3D game that reveals the power of GM it is made by Sakisa one of the most talented GM game designer he made lots of cool games like CrimeLife series 🙂

4- Symphony game is made by 3dpursit 🙂 and the game looks so nice 🙂
and there are more amazing games coming in the way 🙂

By these games my probability to win the compo will be very small :S I know that but I won’t let hope pass I will continue my Night Guard game and never give hope 🙂

At last here are two piece of strange art I do past days 🙂
A pixel art for a devil 🙂

This was for Terry(The one who made VVVVVV game :)) Birthday

This is a strange thing I drew :-?? I dont know why I drew it

That all the news I know they aren’t much but that what I knew for now so


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