News on the Go

Hi All,

It has been long since my last post :). I must carry lots of news due to this long period, But really nothing alot I only post this post 😀 just to say that I am still here and alive :).

First I didnt work on Ninjaki at all since my submission day for engine test to Montada compo I dont know if I will continue in doing it or what??

Second Thing is bad news for me (I get used to it) which is I didnt win in GameCOG compo (Bactoriam was the entry) and niether I am one of the top 7 🙂 By the way Congratulation for the winners 🙂


Ninjaki first look

Hi All,

Today was the last day for beta delivery of Ninjaki game on Arabic Forum called Montada.

Since the beta was only moving engine and some animations and effects and firing of 3 different weapons (although there are 4 done efficiently by now).

When you see the screenshots you will say HOW THIS GAME RELATES TO NINJA THEME ????

The answer is easy you wont play with ninja but you will fight them.

Heres the screenshots (early looks may changes in future)

This screenshot shows the player holding a shotgun and there is some birds flying in sky.


Some small news about new Projects

Hey All,

In the now time, I have two running projects. One is a Game and Second is a Poster for my cousin Graduation Project.

The Game is top secret right now but when I have a small WIP to show you I will upload it 🙂 I am working on the engine and arting at same time and I finished about 10% of the engine and no more than 3% in graphics so it need more time.

But What I can say about the game is that its made for a competition in an Arabic Forum called Montada (This is a translated link) where the theme of the competition is Ninja Warriors.