YoYoGames Compos returns again

Hey All,

A very delightful news I just saw YoYoGames have started new Compo for the new year.
The theme of the compo is to make a game for handheld device using GM7 or GM8
Compo Rules (Copied from YoYoGlog)

  1. Your Game must be less than 10MB (uncompressed)EXE only…NO ZIP files.
  2. Maximum Screen Size 480X272
  3. No DLLs or other extension packages can be used.
  4. No Installation packages.
  5. No use of the registry.
  6. Game Controls must use cursor keys and space-bar only, escape to quit
  7. Game Maker versions 7 or 8 only
  8. All games must be tagged “Competition” and “05″
  9. Contest finishes March 30th 2010 at Midnight GMT

More info go to this link

I will particpate in the compo with a new game (the game idea was developed for RoboSquid Contest but I didn’t start on it at all as I was too busy)

Yesterday I started making a platform engine so as to use it in my future games where this game will be one of them and Alexitrón (The designer of lots of amazing games such as The Power) told me that he will help me in level designing as I am horrible at it. (I am so happy when I knew that Alex will help me 🙂 )

Today when I hear about the YoYoGames Competition 05 I decided to participate in it with my newgame which is called Night Guard 🙂

I won’t talk about it for now when I finish some parts of it I will post about it 🙂

Thats all for now 🙂 Hope to see lots of amazing entries there 🙂


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