Take Long and Longer in Sponsoring but its OUT

Hey All,
From the title of the post I am sure some have guessed what I am gonna say. Yup what you thought is true Alone in the Park is out now 😀 YaaaaaaY 😀

Really this game took too long to be finished and too long to be sponsored and published 😀 I was gonna try to sell it or release for free in the end but Thanks to Tom Fulp I talked to him and he is really a nice guy he offered for me sponsoring rather than release for free 🙂 really his a very nice guy 🙂

Why we talk a lot now let’s go kill some evil mushrooms in Alone in the Park.

The game contains 3 IndieGames characters by @ConnorUllmann and @Notch and @TerryCavanagh so go and unlock characters and kill mushrooms 😉 Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it while creating 🙂

That’s everything for now

Bye Bye

One thought on “Take Long and Longer in Sponsoring but its OUT

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