Super-W-Hack! Incubator Pitch

Hello everyone,
Today me and Gabriella gave a talk about Super-W-Hack for the incubator program. I felt it would be nice to share the talk with you people.

Hello everyone, I am Ahmed and this is Gabriella. We are PhD students at the game innovation lab here at NYU. We are going to talk today about our game Super-W-Hack!

Super-W-Hack! is a roguelike game with retro aesthetics as a tribute to the roguelike genre. Our game takes the procedural content generation (PCG) up to the next level. We use it to generate everything in the game.

Levels are procedurally generated, names, layouts, enemy distributions.

Player weapons: weapon pattern, names, sounds.

Even bosses are procedurally generated.

All game main features are done. But since our research is in PCG and we know how amazing it can generate stuff so we want to embrace it more. Generate the main character (his back story, why he is going to the dungeon). Generate variable weapons like teleportation, mines, bombs. Also our game still needs music. Since we have lots of PCG so we need lots of testing to make sure it works correctly.

We plan to finish the game and release it by the end of the year over Desktop such as Steam and as Desktop has always been the land of roguelikes and the hugest fanbase. Since the game has simple controls and small decisions to take at each step. We believe it will do well on Mobile markets such as App Store and Google Play. We are going to send our game to all the major events such as IGF, IndieCade, and PAX. We believe with the help of the incubator we will be able to reach all these goals.

Thanks everyone for listening any questions.

Level Layout
(Then we played this video in the background while taking questions)

We got couple of questions and concern about the play session time, ensuring the game is playable and interesting to the player, and what’s a roguelike.

I just wanted to share my talk about the game and here is the link ( to the alpha version if anyone wanna try it. In the current state its still a little hard to understand in the beginning but as soon as you understand it. It so intuitive and interesting to be played.


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