Snazzle+ (IndieDev Grant)

Hey All,

I have been fascinated by my game Snazzle since I have released it and I loved to expand that idea and make version for iOS and Android as the game suites very well with touch devices so I thought I should expand it but when I have money and time.

When I heard the Bundle in a Box will launch IndieDev Grant soon, so I though it might be a good idea to participate even if I don’t get the Grant its a nice way to get some exposure to my game Snazzle+.

Will start to work on that game soon. Don’t worry and I will try to make it in the best way ever and may be I can submit it to IGF next year 🙂

That’s everything for now. Stay tuned for launch of small art game I have made in 24 hours in GameTako Zanga (Middle East Game Jam).

Bye Bye

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