RPSwipe will be released in August

Hello Everyone,
From the title of the post you can figure it out RPSwipe will be out on August 2014 for Google Play and App Store (YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY). The game music and sound effects are made by Tom Snively and its now out (You can go and listen to it and download it) on Bandcamp.

The game website is now running and we had the first quote from Stephen Altamirano, a friend from EvilRobotStuff, “Where other tile sliding games emphasize board clearing, RPSwipe requires a delicate balance of adversarial elements…”. Before I go I will leave you with Mockup trailer for RPSwipe.

Last thing, if you are from press and want a copy to review you can request directly a copy from me by sending email or you can use presskit() request a copy link. That’s everything for now see you soon.

Bye Bye

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