RPSwipe a twisted Rock, Paper, Scissors game

Hello everyone,
Sorry for not posting a lot as usual but I was busy working on thesis and my games and I got a new game idea (small one). The game is called “RPSwipe” the game is like Rock, Paper, Scissors but with a twist inspired from Threes, 2048 game.


The game is almost finished (just sounds/music and some text editing is missing) it will have two modes (normal mode, multiplayer mode) the only thing I am afraid of is that the game isnot tested with a lot of people to get feedback on it so if you have iOS device and have a testflight account and interested to test the game please feel free to contact me I would love to have more feedback about the game.

The game will be launched on App Store and Google Play at same time for the first time because Google allowed Egyptian developers now to put their Apps over their store.

That’s just a quick update for now about everything. See you soon on the releasing of the game 🙂

Bye Bye

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