Late News :)

Hi All,

A week I think since my last post, Although I am too busy but I am trying not to miss a week without posting 🙂

About the College project I am nearly finishing it. I made everything in the GUI except for the help and some tiny stuffs as I will leave it till the integreation phase with the Core Implementation 🙂

There is a nice News Also:

Unreal Engine 3 is now free for non-commercial use and educational use so head up and download it (link).

By the way I will be participating in the Assembly compo of TIGSource with some graphics 🙂

Next Monday the finals of 2BeeGames Compo will be announced and I have submited Mailure and Bactoriam 🙂 so lets hope I reach the finals only 🙂

About GameJolt Minimal Compo there are plenty of nice games there so go and check them (link)

These are some of my best entries there 🙂
Fetus by rotten_tatter (creator of Visit Game)
Little by Zack
Kemrang by Human
madnessMADNESSmadness by NAL

Bye Bye

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