Simple Love my First Global Game Jam entry

Hey All,
Long time as usual (my traditional intro) since the last post 🙂 but I am so busy these days, although I managed to enter the Global Game Jam for the first time 😀 YaaaaaaY 😀

Since the Theme was Heart Beating and I always wanted to make a love game and romance one (although I am not romantic person but I always love Romance Comedy Movies) so it was the time to create one.

I think words and music and environment are the ones that stimulates emotions in the player so I thought a lot how to make the game feels nice and amazing till I got the idea of playing with words and making worlds have shapes of hearts.

Since I never like text games because it contains lots of text and words so I want to keep text as minimum as possible (also I am not a good writer).

Due to all that Simple Love is made and here the Link to its Global Game Jam page. Also I managed today to make a version of the game to

That’s everything for now Hope I can release finish some of the games on my list soon (I hope so)

Bye Bye

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