Post-ailure :D

Hi All,

Long time since the last post as usual 😀 thats because the new year semster has started and I have lots of stuff to be done.

I had 3 news I wanted to share with you 🙂

First one is about the site RocketGames a site looks like YoYoGames site and GameJolt as It is used for uploading games. This site has the ability that the developper on it can sell games easily as it support a secure payment method through PayPal.

Payments are made via PayPal with Roket-Games taking a small cut for controlling access to the full version. Submitted games will be moderated before they appear on the site to ensure that they are of sufficient quality to be sold and that the price is appropriate.

There is a nice earnings calculator which shows, for any sale price, the revenues received by the developer, Roket Games and PayPal. Full details on how the scheme will work are available here.

Second one is about an educational game I and a team from my colleague having it as a project for MI (Machine Intellegence) subject. I dont know any details about it as we didnt started it yet but what I can say that it will be made using XNA library 🙂

Third one is about style of art I was trying it using Paint.Net this style of art I dlove it so I may in vacation make a game using this style of art. Take a look on the picture and tell me your opinion 🙂

This is all the news for now 🙂 Hope you still reading the blog 🙂


6 thoughts on “Post-ailure :D

  1. what do you mean what about mailure :-??
    Do you an update for it :-?? I wanted that but no one wants to help me in rewriting the how to play nor the story in better english 🙂

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