Literature Review of PCG in Puzzle Games

Long time since posting (the usual me) but This post will be short and long at same time.

“How is that?” That’s easy, the post itself will be very short (just few words) but it will have an attached document (around 16 pages) which is the third chapter in my Master’s Thesis. This chapter is the literature review chapter (the third biggest chapter in my thesis) which I think one of the most entertaining chapters (to read obviously not to write :D).

“Why do I think its entertaining?” That’s also easy to reply, I combined lots of previous work about level and rule generation (look at the references), and a friend of mine enjoyed reading it and thought its the most entertaining chapter.

“You just said its a short post.” Yes, sorry for that but I want also to improve my writing capabilities. Here is the link to the document:

Bye Bye

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