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Hello everyone,


Sorry for being away for long time, but as you all know I am working on my master’s thesis in Procedural Content Generation (PCG) of puzzle games and levels for Puzzle Script engine by Stephan Lavelle. I generated lots of levels using different methods for 5 different games and I need some human feedback on everything.

If you have some free time to help me with it please consider playing a handcrafted game and then one of the techniques (playing handcrafted give you reference to the best designed games) (link). Do the assessment after finishing every level to remember it because after playing 16 levels you may forget some games.

Please try playing some of the game at the end of the list such DestroyGame, GemGame, BlockFaker. As most of assessment is done on Sokoban and slightly on LavaGame.

Thanks everyone, I will publish my thesis and my code and everything once its done to be open source with all the results and data. Hope my work in PCG helps game developers in understanding more about games and how to design it and may be use or improve on my techniques.

The link for the games and the assessments:

Bye Bye

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