FlashPunk is Out Hurrrraaaah :D

Hey all,
This is a small piece of news 🙂 Chevy Ray (the creator of Skull Pogo and Beacon and lots of other games) have today released his flash library called FlashPunk (which I will learn how to use it to make flash games :))

Its now available for download and it has some documentation and tutorial to start with it 🙂

It was designed to work with FlashDevelop and not Adobe Flash

Go now and try it 🙂 it looks promising 🙂 and I am so excited for using it 🙂

Thats all for now 🙂


6 thoughts on “FlashPunk is Out Hurrrraaaah :D

  1. Yea, I downloaded it and I am working on the tutorials from the website right now.

    I never liked flash because it cost money, but this makes it much better!

  2. You can use it to do anything it is designed to handle 2D graphics very well I didnt listen to the lecture Mozarty (as I didnt attend) but you can use it as to do anything its AS3 programming using 2D graphics library 🙂

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